Microsoft launches a new application in its latest update: WhiteBoard

2년 전

Microsoft launches the Whiteboard application on Windows 10 today, as well as the upcoming versions of iOS and the Web soon. The application was previewed in Windows 10 over the past seven months and is now being made widely available on computers along with a new version of Internet and iOS devices. The Dashboard allows users to take notes on the virtual whiteboard that can be shared and edited with others in real time across devices.

Anyone can download the app and start collaborating with other users. If you're signed in to the app with an Office 365 account for work or school, you can also collaborate with multiple people within that organization. As the iOS app launches for the first time soon, the team is also working on a version of Android in the future. It's unclear when this will be available, but the Whiteboard web version will work on Android-enabled devices at the same time. Microsoft does not restrict its Whiteboard application to any specific browser, and all major browsers are supported.

There are no technical limitations on the number of people who can work on WhiteBoard, but Microsoft is curiously restricting the web and iOS versions to an Office 365 business account at the moment. Whiteboard participants do not need to use a stylus to draw or comment, and keyboard and touch screen input is supported so that all modern devices can use the application. Microsoft also plans to integrate the Whiteboard application into the Microsoft Team Chat application and provide the application on the Surface Hub.

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