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Today Netflix drop finally kissing both 2:

After a romantic summer together, Noah is off to Harvard, and Elle heads back to high school for her senior year.v6c3ei.jpg

it's kind of crazy what 2020 has done to me i feel like i'm paranoid watching the kissing booth and thinking you guys are not social distance 😂

what is up netflix today we are talking the kissing booth 2 which is the sequel to the kissing booth i need you in the comments down below are you excited for this movie do you like kissing booths let's talk about it high school senior l juggles a long long-distance relationship with her dreamy boyfriend



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college applications and a new friendship with a handsome classmate that could change everything so vince marcelo returns this time around the writer director from the first movie and i was really hoping he took what worked for the first film and would apply that to a sequel and just kind of build around the positives that i had for the first movie because i'll admit there were a couple of things that really bugged me about the first film but i saw something that made me say you know what if we get a sequel maybe joey king is a really good actress i like what she has given us at times before my issue is is normally she's in movies where the writing for her character just doesn't necessarily measure up to i think the talent that she actually has that's my big issue with this movie we'll get into that here in just a second but we also have some newcomers this time around we have the character of marco



who really shakes things up a bit he stirs the pot
and causes this relationship drama to turn into um much more of a drama than maybe some are expecting we still have the comedic beats they're going to hit for some for sure and as a whole right i know they're going to be fans of this film listen if you liked the first movie


and you like what it gave us and you like those characters i think you will at least have fun with this second film because it's upbeat it's silly it's wacky at times and there are moments that are going to really resonate with people kids that are following these kids through high school um and falling in love all of that beautiful stuff
and again i don't mind when movies work on that level to all the boys i've loved before we got a sequel for that film this year and i thought it was genuinely good i like that franchise and as long as the writing is good and the directing is good and the characters
aren't just too much annoying then the sequel is going to work or the movie is going to work and unfortunately the kissing booth too um did not capitalize here is the scene from me that just did it there's a moment where she and marco are sitting on a beach talking to each other and all of a sudden he pulls out a guitar

and just he strums it a couple of times humming and i'm thinking to myself what am i watching this is ridiculous and where did he get that guitar well austin you can't relate to these
characters it's all about understanding where they're coming from and i get that to a degree but again i've liked movies in this genre before as long as they can surprise me with the filmmaking i'm there for it but the mistakes made in the first movie not only carry over but they're expanded upon they're extended into this ridiculous run time why is this movie over two hours it has no reason to be over two hours a tight 90 minute run time would have been perfect it wouldn't have made the movie perfect but at least it would have moved a bit quicker and had the pacing that again someone like me is going to use to get through the film and okay all right you don't like that kind of movie you don't like this and that what bothered me about the film well here's my issue there's a lot of story lines there are a lot of characters

and there are a lot of subplots here they don't have anything to do with the main story i guess but really there are three stories we have this
huge dance competition that our characters enter and it's like the biggest dance competition of all time


and guess what happens right predictable in nature the entire movie but this storyline specifically then we have the kissing booth and the kissing booth that's the whole reason why we're making the movie and that's kind of this build up and you're waiting for this climactic thing to happen but it not only has to happen between our main characters we have all of these love story subplots that we have to flesh out in that moment and then oh wait the movie's not over we have the dance at the end of the film where we once again have to come to the realization that we have made mistakes and we have to patch things up with certain characters and who is she going to end up with it's the same question we have in a movie like to all the boys, is it our boy from the first movie or is it the new character in marco


and sure it's an underlying question that even makes someone like me curious but it all comes down to how it's handled and i look at this from a filmmaking perspective and it is so cliche and predictable i found myself struggling to enjoy it and then you look at the main character of ell and it's just extremely difficult to be on her side with certain issues and understand to a degree why they're putting her in that position because we have to create a story around something but from the get-go there's a moment where she accidentally because we need something silly to happen over the speaker to where the entire school hears her gush about this guy in the beginning of the film and at that point i mean this is one of the first scenes in the movie i'm like oh okay but i thought she had a boyfriend which is Noah bqyl25.jpg

and then as the movie progresses we see these things happen with noah as he's in college and as you would expect she begins to get jealous w8qkiu.jpgso similar things happen with her and it's just this back and forth of oh well you're wrong well you're wrong and i'm sitting back like i mean you're kind of both wrong but aren't you doing the same thing as he's doing and i'm just it's that struggle the entire time it's like and i understand right you're young you're gonna make mistakes but this is supposed to be our central protagonist and we even get narration from her to where it's trying to make her sound like this incredible prophetic connoisseur of love and it's like but i just i watched you make these mistakes it's like i'm not gonna take advice from you and everything is exaggerated and i get it movies tend to do these types of things but the basis of this film is supposed to be you and Noah ..


Now i can relate to this character and to this character but even though we can relate to maybe the tropes of the characters everything is so over the top i mean they enter a
competition most likely good things are going to happen whenever they're together people are looking at them whenever there's a
kiss there are hundreds of people gathered cheering i saw more gatherings of people where they were cheering than i've ever seen in my entire life when two people are looking at each other arguing of course everything else around them is quiet and everyone's paying attention and looking you see the facial expressions i'm just like this is not realistic and maybe it wasn't trying to be realistic but then by the end you get these serious voiceovers , the fact these characters you're supposed to care about certain things that they do and i'm just like it's all it's all too much again maybe i'm getting too fired up maybe i'm looking too far into a movie-like kissing booth but again it's that run time of over two hours this film did not have to be that long ..

Back to real life the main caracters which they dated on first kissing both movie and broke up bfr filming kissing both 2



Thank you everyone for reading my first film review

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