1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 22 - The Diary Game Season 2 - some early tips!

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Entries for Season 2 of The Diary Game are pouring in.

Literally every few minutes.

Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm for the Game.

It looks like we will exceed the numbers for Season 1 in the first few days of Season 2 !

The Diary Game - Some Initial Observations and Diary Tips

Thank you to everyone to everyone, especially the Country Representatives, who have been leaving helpful comments to encourage people to follow the Rules of The Diary Game.

So far just over 90% of posts have been fully following the rules.

Thank you to everyone for that.

There are a few observations and tips we would make at this early stage to help people do the best they can in Season 2...

  • We are really looking for unique content on The Diary Game. Anyone is welcome to post on other similar platforms but replicated posts will likely score less points and earn lower vote rewards.

  • To maximize your points and your votes consider posting as Power Up 100% instead of 50% SBD / 50% SP. If you are in a team that will help your team's chances of winning.

  • As well as the vital #thediarygame tag you must also have a # tag for your country among your first five tags. For searchability it will generally be best to use the long form country tag, but you can use the short form tag as well if you want - for example ru as well as russia.

  • Do not use redundant tags like #steemcurator01 - it will not get you a bigger or faster vote.

  • The maximum number of photographs is 8, there is no minimum - except perhaps one for the thumbnail image. Be selective, make every photo count and give a caption for every photo if possible. Give locations of photos whenever you can.

  • Details, details, details... Details add interest. If you are submitting an assignment say what it is about, if you are watching your favorite TV show say what it is, if you are going to the shops to buy some groceries say where you go.

There will be many more players and many more posts in Season 2 so competition for points and votes will be tougher.

We are looking for quality and we are looking for interest.

And we are looking for continual improvement.

Help each other improve. Give friendly polite helpful comments on other people's posts. We are still giving out Lucky 10 10% upvotes for good comments.

Team members should be commenting on the posts of your fellow team mates' posts to help them improve.

Country Representatives, we are looking for you to be commenting on as many diary posts as possible from your country. It is a great way to get known by the Steemians in your country. That will be very useful in future.

Country Representatives Update

@beautychicks has now become our first Country Representative for Nigeria.

As well supporting all Steemians in Nigeria she will also be helping @oppongk (Ghana) and @yohan2on (Uganda) with the @steemcurator04 Africa Community Curator account.

Expanding the network of Country Representatives is going to be one of our main areas of focus over the next few months.

We will be continually looking for more suitable people.

A number of the current Country Representatives came to our attention during Season 1 of The Diary Game.

If you are interested in becoming a Country Representative Season 2 of The Diary Game is a golden opportunity to get noticed. Make great posts, comment as much as you can, recruit people to join the game, get engaged, become visible...

Season 2 of The Diary Game is going to be a super challenge for everyone.

It will be breaking all records for Steem.

If you are joining in you will be part of something BIG !

Tell your friends, tell your neighbours, tell your work colleagues. There is a 1000 STEEM prize pot for the best recruiters.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team



The rewards from this post go to support the work of @fundacorazon and @littledisciples both in Venezuela.

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Thanks for the update we will do well to observe them and also post good content and will bring in more persons to steemit and to the game as well. And kudos to @beautychicks keep up the good work.

Thank yoy very much for this update and the helpful tips. We'll continue to comment and rectify the mistakes of other people as well. This is a challenge for all of us and we must all do our part in engaging other users.

Good afternoon, please see the post about my team, it's 5 days old.

Congrats @beautychicks for joining us for curation in African Team. Thanks very much @steemitblog for your daily updates of the rules. We promise to get our members involve using the rules as stated. Thank you.

I am glad that you are giving an great opportunity to everyone. It was now easy to invite someone and guide them to participate in the contest rather than telling them to write an independent post. By participating in contest they will get some basic idea of creating content😊.

𝓣𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓴 𝔂𝓸𝓾
𝓢𝓽𝓪𝔂 𝓱𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓼𝓽𝓪𝔂 𝓼𝓪𝓯𝓮

Congratulations @beautychicks. Thanks for the tips. The diary game is really an exciting one and I hope I don't miss any day.

I'd love to be a representative for Nigeria, if given the opportunity. I've already invited one person to join the game.

It is good to see that in a couple of days 90% of posts have followed the rules and we will expect that they will continue to do the same. Thanks for this updated information.

Thanks for the tips, we will try to stick to them in our diaries!


Thanks for the tips, we
Will try to stick to them in
Our diaries!

                 - belaru

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hello, @steemcurator01 . Help me please. Can I make my own contest? The contest will have a good prize.

Thanks for sharing some update information blog. This blog will play a very nice role in increasing our interest in work. We want brothers, sisters, friends, and neighbors to all join this steam blog and we will continue to do our best for this.

#thediarygame is a nice innovation from a good thinking, though we at @team8-nigeria missed bthe first phase but I believe it's better late than never... together we can make steemit great.

@jayboi from Nigeria

Thanks for the detailed tips for the early stage of the Diary game. The Teams will make sure to abide by these rules and apply them in their post. We will encourage team members too to make healthy comments to motivate members to continuously post. Thanks very much Steemit Team

I have made one post, but it is not true said representatives from Indonesia, I will make another post until I succeed. . Hheee smile 🤗🤗🤗

Saya sangat mengapresiasikan kepada tim steemit yang telah mengadakan kontes #thediarygame atau buku harian.. Tapi apakah tim steemit juga apakah mendukung jenis postingan lain seperti photography atau lain... Perkenalan saya dari indonesia...salam


We are currently only curating The Diary Game posts.


Ya.. Terimakasih atas informasinya saya juga mempertimbangkan untuk mengikuti kontes #thediarygame ini yang diadakan oleh steemit.

Thank you for the update and keep doing the awesome job.
Congratulations to @beautychicks


Thank you my sister.

Gracias por los tips. Tengo una pregunta: Se debe o no usar la etiqueta #the1000daysofsteem?
Nuestro equipo @lucerovenezuela

Yep i can observed this season is huge and will have massive impact for steem, yep it is true it will be record on steem..

Well, here we go the second day and already starting the third, we hope to continue with this and with my team @redsquad.

Thank you for opening the doors to this new challenge

Thank you for the updates @steemitblog 🌹very useful tips for all steemians and participants in the diary game

Nice tips, nice to see the representatives from Nigeria, i must say it is well deserved, @beautychicks has done well, and others from africa. Thanks @steemitblog for the early tips.

Thanks for your update. It will be very useful for us to comment. You are right people made a lot of mistakes on the first day. But on day 2, everyone did a good job. I saw only two of them yesterday. Those who did not use the Country tag. And others' posts were good.

Thank you for your post, it helps a lot.
I post my blogs properly because of your rule book explanation. Please see my posts once.
This is me @ashubaba01

Thank you for this update we will do our best , continue to comment on other blogs to rectify their so that the steemit will get best content.This is the challenge for us and i believe that we will do good in near future

Thank you for your post, these are very good instructions for us

Thanks for the important clarifications ... It is essential to know what can make your job easier.
Also on my profile Twitter...

thanks for the tips team we newbies really need it as it works as leader for new members, i will try my best to deliver best blogs.

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Excelentes noticias para todos, que bueno que estemos cumpliendo con las reglas del juego, espero que sigamos trabajando y más gente se una cada día a la actividad.

Gracias por estos consejos, @steemitblog...

Useful tips for all of us here.
I also saw the progress of the diary game season2, which was followed by many new participants, but with more players and more posts in Season 2 so the competition for points and votes would be more difficult - I realized that.
I also appreciate the performance of the Steemit team for this progress, which had a huge impact on the price of steem prices today.
I Am Proud of Supporting:

Curating by @qurator, @steemcurators, @steemcurator01, @steemitbloggers, - and steemians who are eager to support great content and make the blockchain happier, as a decentralized social media

Greetings, can I enter season 2 without having participated in season 1 ?


Of course. Everyone is welcome to join Season 2.

Hey @steemcurator01 & @steemitblog

Hindi translation is ready:- 1000 दिन STEEM : दिन 22 - The Diary Game Season 2 - some early tips!

Rewards are also distributed in charities and post promoters

There are so many posts which are ready to curate pls make an visit @steemcurator01

Gracias por las sugerencias..!

Congratulations to all the Country curators. #SteemOn

quiero entrar a la segunda temporada. tengo tiempo?

Nice info, thanks brother

The participations are great, very varied and little by little we are providing more details |@steemitblog



Dengan banyaknya peserta pada diary game season 2 membuat steem semakin baik, dan tentunya hal ini membawa dampak positif bagi perkembangan steem pada masa yang akan datang. Perkembangan yang sangat signifikan membawa ke arah yang lebih baik. Sukses dengan bergabung dengan dunia steem. Terimakasih kepada @steemitblog, @steemcurator01

I'm new here. I am not in any team and I do not have my own team.
Can I present myself or Croatia? When it comes to writing anything, I consider myself almost a professional

Hello @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 @steemcurator, I noticed that none of my mini-challenge entries was curated. I really felt like I did put a lot of work into creating those post. Kindly look into it and thanks for the awesome work so far.

Below are the links ;

Kindly look Into them