1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 26 - And briefly... we love contests !

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Our daily posts are going to be quite brief while we catch up on the Diary Game curating.

The Shopping Game curation will be finished today, and then it is all eyes on The Diary Game.

Be patient and you'll get voted - if you have followed the rules !

The Shopping Game Update

We are just finishing off the final Shopping Game posts today.

In the end we distributed approximately $7000 worth of upvotes.

Over 250 people took part and just about everyone who followed the rules properly won at least once.

If people liked the game enough we will repeat it again later in the year - probably for one week at a time.

Now we will be focusing out curation activities fully on The Diary Game.


We love Contests !

We do get very happy when we see members of the community organize contests.

If we spot the contest posts we will likely give them a good upvote.

With the existing demands on our voting power we are though not currently able to provide any more upvotes as contest prizes.

We are also keen for the community to be less dependent on rewards from us for these sorts of activities.

Two contests we have spotted recently that impressed us are 'My Root' - a Family Discovery contest organized by @steemalive...

And @randulakoralage's 'The Most Outstanding Sri Lankan Steemian of the Week' contest...

There is also the great weekly MusicForSteem contest that is on the look out for more musicians to take part...

We are wondering if the recently recruited Country Representatives would be able to help find more musicians in their countries to take part in the contest? Particularly amongst the fast growing Bangladesh (@tarpan, @toufiq777), Indian (@rishabh99946), Indonesian (@anroja, @ernaerningsih) and Ukranian (@alexmove) communities?

We will now be focusing all our efforts on the curation of the Diary Game posts.

It is going to be a mammoth task.

At the same time we are also thinking about what comes next - we're not giving any clues yet though !

Thank you,

The Steemit Team



The rewards from this post go to support the work of @fundacorazon and @littledisciples both in Venezuela.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Thanks for your support of the contest! We would have been nowhere without it!

We hope you will keep advertising MFS in the next 950+ days as you do now. We are gaining back users, chances are high new musicians are amongst those too.

We have seen support from CR @vipnata on one of our artists, which is great! We can NOT wait to hear the next Italian and Russian songs


Sounds like good progress.

Hopefully the Country Representatives will be able to bring in more musicians.

Look out for more news coming soon....

The Steemit Team


@musicforsteem, thank you for your beautiful work on Steemit.


Ustedes son fabulosos, me encanta este evento, mi buena vibra y un abrazo, equipo @musicforsteem.


Los felicito! Esta es una idea genial y una plataforma para impulsar a los músicos de esta comunidad. Que sigan los éxitos!


Me encanta este evento y el apoyo a los músicos de steemit, excelente esfuerzo, gran trabajo y un abrazo al equipo @musicforsteem.


I'm already thinking about where to look for musicians in our country.

This is an interesting activity

Thank you!


Look forward to hearing some Ukranian musicians soon.


Thanks Alex, we look forward to all the ideas you might have!

Hello, @steemcurator01 ! Could you rate my contest? I would like to hear your opinion on this matter.


Great contest, thank you.

Wow!! I am so happy to know that our community @steemalive has been awarded for a contest held; this is indeed great news.

I am so pleased to know that our community @steemalive is been noticed in few days of been created.

Thanks @steemitblog for your support

Greetings friends @steemitblog and @steemcurator01.

Sincerely, the work they do is extraordinary and at first sight you can see the enthusiasm they put into each initiative. I, like you, am passionate about the contests because of this, every two weeks I activate one for the Steemit community. At the moment I have an active contest to which I invite you to visit and give publicity, with this I would be more than grateful for your support.

We continue working for the welfare and growth of those who want to do it in Steemit. May the successes continue.

Contest: Remembering My Childhood



Ya iba a comentar este concurso. Qué bueno que lo hiciste tú, @adeljose. Tu concurso me parece genial y merece todo el apoyo de la comunidad de Steemit. Saludos


Muchas gracias por su apoyo, espero ver su participación, aún queda tiempo, amiga @nancybriti.

Hi @steemitblog @steemcurator01 .We Italians of the @Italygame team make this proposal to promote the use of our language and knowledge of Italian culture on Steemit. The Contest we want to promote, we hope with your support, is I love Italy.
The link https://steemit.com/hive-184714/@italygame/i-love-italy-contest-initial-prize-pool-50-steem

Thanks for your work and your attention.

thank you for the contest, we always love what you started !!

but in this case I am very happy if the next period you hold a contest about #Promo-Steem, I am sure with this idea Mr. @stephenkendal strongly agrees,, Loved

Hi steemit guys,

Maybe you would like to know that basically half of our community is contests Chess Evolved Online: Champion's Gate ?
(Actually, I'll handle voting them, just let me do my thing.)

Maybe you would also like to know that @TheGrandestine is an ultra-genius mastermind preparing to revolutionize the concept of a standard "gaming forum" using the steem community system while aggregating his external community of 150000+ game players to set a new precedent across the industry?

Maybe you would also like to know that the master plan involves forcing every other game developer to follow his example after a key time when a certain amount of power is distributed among the chess evolved grandmasters? Maybe then you would like to know that in order to keep pace with us the competitors would also need to buy tons of steem alongside migrating their playerbase here? Maybe you are aware the budget larger gaming companies have at their disposal to do such a thing??? Are you getting the picture I'm painting here? Read more than once, for good measure. (seriously, do it now)

Listen, you should use 'misterdelegation' to delegate idle SP onto @thegrandestine if that plan sounds even remotely appealing to you, because it is a small summation of an even larger master plan.
You can do the same for me, for smaller but similar results. ^_~ ✲

Do you know it is hard to inspire people to pass your authentication signup process? This delegation would have a small side-effect of helping to inspire players into crossing that barrier, but primarily it will set a much higher precedent for anyone trying to 'compete' with the Chess Evolved forum when that time inevitably arrives. You essentially get the choice of game companies buying 10k steem from the market to compete with tiny little alphacore, or X amount, where X is your delegation.

Choose wisely, because we will not lose either way, I'm just giving you the option to openly endorse the true power of steem and align yourself correctly. Entire empires could not win against the Game of Kings - as it is written.

You want to win the Hive vs. Steem war?
Then place a small bet on your local angel alphacore,
and a massive bet on the Chess Evolved GMs,
because they can outsmart ANY opponent.

CEO Terror 1848x682.png

We are the masters of the Game of Kings.
We are anonymous,
we are legend,
and we have awakened the sleeping giant.

If you are with us, congratulations!
If not, then hive probably wins, by this time next year.
In either case, it's your choice.

From any choice, we have a planned path to victory.
It isn't our war that you fight - it is your own, that we fight.

Make the winning move.


Basically what alphacore is trying to say is:

We can see the larger picture ^

I started to bring newcomer on steem and specially for them i created a contest of 20 steem here it is

It's nice to read about great new initiatives, @steemitblog @steemcurator01.

I would like to suggest, if possible?
A representative of each country or community could write a post-presentation of his country, with its national flag and 5 of the most outstanding things that characterize his country in the world.

I think it would be nice for everyone involved in The Diary Game to open your new post and see, for example, the flag of Ghana, Russia, Venezuela, Italy, India.. and all other countries with a reference to the post-presentation of the country.


Yes Indeed. The diary game and shopping game is the greatest idea to encourage steemians back, and the upvotes in rewards is the another greatest idea ever. I didn't seen the work like that, in steemit before. Because in past we did work on our luck. What we did earn was with our luck. You believe @vipanta ma'm I have earned the rewards in last 40 days, which I was earning in a year or more.
Now me and my cousin decided to create a community for all Pakistan users and we can get or bring all Active Pakistan users on our community. It will help us much more, as the other countries got.
I am not native speaker in English if you got any problem forgive me.
Thank you If you did read my comment. Heat and Juice!


Thank you so much for your important words, @abdt
Have a beautiful day!


My pleasure, and have a look to our community. Please!

hey @steemitblog

I used to run big contests on steemit and would like to do it again if you are interested.


Please let me know if you able to delegate any steem to me to run daily contests. You can email me at whatageeksocial@outlook.com


@steemit @steemitblog

Any idea what the power down of 7.3 million will be used for? Is it just going to be sold in the market or burned or given away?

If you are giving it away it would be awesome to get 1 or 2 million. Would be life changing.

Even 100k-200k would pay my GFs living expenses for a year and repay the remaining loans she has. She's out of work since the pandemic and then recently her visa expired also. She applied for a new visa but it will take a while to be approved, 90 business days or something.

The next power down is scheduled to happen in 5 hours (~7,384,351.112 STEEM).

Hi @steemitblog thank you for sharing about the contest.

Thanks @steemitblog for sharing about contest. I am a member of the "Steem Bangladesh" community. I attend all the games and encourage all our members to attend the contest. Thanks for support....

Your contest has really helped the steemit community a lot, infact it has helped to bring more people back to steemit including myself and have enjoying blogging again since I returned.

@jayboi from Nigeria

Hola!! soy nueva en steemit llevo solo 3 días participando y de verdad que lo poco que he recorrido y he hecho me ha encantado espero seguir sintiendome asi por aqui esperaremos otros retos y desafíos para seguir sintiéndonos grandes ... bonita tarde !!

Hay espero poder ganar con the shoppingame me esmere mucho en los detalles en mi ultima publicacion de este juego, y estoy esperando a ver si el steemcurator lee mi publicacion a ver si le gusta, la anterior no la pude ganar. Espero tener suerte.

Hi @steemitblog you missed the Representatives from Indonesian .


Thanks for spotting that @tarpan.


You are welcome @steemcurator01 and thanks for supporting every steemian.


Yes right @tarpan, also you are doing well for your fellow steemians. Very excellent job.


Brother, this was a little promotion of our community Steem Pakistan too. ^_^ If you don't mind please check it. I will be grateful to you.

Hey @steemcurator01

Hindi translation is ready:-1000 दिन STEEM : दिन 26 - And briefly... we love contests !

Rewards are also distributed in charities and post promoters

There are few posts which are going to unavailable for rewards pls visit profile as there are a lot to curate.

Hola , encantada de estar aqui.Gracias por tomarme encuenta para participar aun siendo nuevo usuario.Espero tomar el ritmo..Muchas gracias @steemitblog

https://steemit.com/hive-188619/@carlos19diaz/my-self-introduction-on-steemit Está es mi primera publicación, para que por favor un curador me de un voto.

https://steemit.com/thediarygame/@carlos19diaz/the-diary-game-03-08-2020-inicia-la-semana-a-trabajar y para que por favor en esta publicación un curador también me colabore con un voto.

Saludos amigos de @steemitblog @steemcutator01 estoy reclutando algunos conocidos, tengo que hacer una publicación para presentarlos?

Ya tengo a varias personas aquí qué estoy orientando en mi tiempo libre, le agradezco su orientación!

I will remove the up-votes that @steemcurator01 has been providing as a prizes for #SPUD4STEEM going forward.

Your support has been great - thank you :)

Вот этому посту уже 6 дней, прошу посмотрите его )))

@steemitblog and @steemcurator01, please kindly visit @steemalive community.
All our #thediarygame post of (01/08/2020) will expire tomorrow and they have not been voted.

This an amazing work, the enthusiasm and energy put to the work are great....you hv open up lots of ideas in me for a similar project in the future.

I can’t tell about others but in steeming India community, I am planning something really great will make an post about it in few days.

Hi @steemitblog

Excellent initiative and the work you are doing with these contests, congratulations.

This is my post six days ago but I haven't read any votes yet. Please chakehttps://steemit.com/hive-141731/@solaiman12/1000-days-of-steem-the-diary-game-03-08-2020

This is very great news, thank god you are free from shoppinggame posts now, we want to see you in Diary Game posts. You are doing too great job. Also we will create contest in our community. I have created a community for all Pakistan active users so they can be counted after they will start working there. I will post my every diary game in my community, and my team will too. This is community first post. Hope you will like our work.