1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 29 - The Diary Game - Some Tips & Curation Catch Up #2

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We are quite amazed at the number of entries coming in for The Diary Game.

It is very definitely the largest participatory event that has ever taken place on Steem.

We are doing our best with the curation but it is going to take a few days to catch up.

In the meantime we wanted to give a few tips to help people maximize their rewards from their Diary Game posts.

The Diary Game - 8 Tips for Maximizing Rewards

  • READ THE RULES - especially about words and photos.

  • Write interesting content - include details... places, prices, names...

  • Be selective with your use of photos - make them count - include captions - say what they are, where they are.

  • Write content exclusive to Steem - don't duplicate content from other similar blockchains.

  • Set your posts to Power Up 100%.

  • Post on steemit.com

  • Be visible in the Game - vote and comment on other people's posts.

  • Be consistent - post regularly.

The Diary Game - Curation Catch Up #2

The large numbers of Diary Game posts is overwhelming our standard curation systems.

So we are very definitely missing a good number of posts at this initial stage until we have everyone on our system.

We are therefore going to use Curation Catch Up posts like this to help us pick up those posts we have missed so far.

It will likely take us several of these posts before we get everyone on our lists and then we can adopt a more systematic approach.

Please respect these Curation Catch Up posts and only post links as requested.


Please check your posts are following all the rules before posting your links.

Please only put one link from the oldest post, in standard text, with no graphics or gifs, and do not vote up your comment.

If we do miss the 7 days voting window for any posts it does not matter. The posts are still awarded points, and we add the missed votes on to your next votable Diary Game post.

Chasing and complaining about missed votes will not in any way improve the rewards your posts receive.

If the missed votes trouble you please just hold back on posting until we have caught up with the voting, and in the meantime we will continue distributing over $1000 of votes each day to those that do continue posting.

We can assure you we are curating as rapidly as we can with the team time and Steem Power available

Thank you,

The Steemit Team



The rewards from this post go to support the work of @littledisciples in Venezuela.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I have been posting my diary posts on two communities GEM and World of Expilar, is that why I am not getting votes from @steemcurator? No problem I will from now on post on Steemit.


@brazero hey what are you doing actually?
Why are you replying to others comments with your post link?
I think this is what we call spamming.

I have invited about 28 people in the diary game And in our 'Steem Bangladesh' Community, a total of 44 members are active. They are posting every day
Many members did not get votes in their first 3 posts before the post pay out. Please vote them with these pepole also.

Here is a list of peoples who didn't get votes on their posts !

@arifulislamabir @ashik88 @tarpan @dongkong @razuahmed @tun15 @sohanurrahman @biplobabedin @jakir3 @mdmomin12 @sumon02 @sanaulhaque @roy.sajib @afridiabid @nusrat-akhi @cripto2000 @fariy @fanhim @mdaminulislam @aktarabegum @sajibmolla17 @sandysparkle @sobuj28 @rex-sumon @sneha2006 @pbthabib @tapu333 @sanwer @unicode @tanjib705

All their posts are OK, I checked. Please check @steemcurator01


Thank you @toufiq pointing out all my problems to @steemcurator01


Thanks a lot brother.


Please take look all these accounts.

@steemitblog my #thediarygame post has not been upvoted.
All my posts met the rules requirement.
My #thediarygame has expired without been upvoted.
I am really not happy.I did not receive any upvote by @steemcurator01 on 1-4 August.
Please visit my blog and do something about this. please visit.here is my 3rd August blog link:


So do I :(

Thank you for the support. I have gotten no votes from @steemcurator01 from Auguest 1 till date. https://steemit.com/hive-194804/@elites/the-diary-game-03-08-2020-farming-beans

I only got votes in the August 1st post. After that, I did not get a single vote in a post. Three posts have already expired.

My 4th August post

my 3rd August post didn't get vote by steemcurator01-please check my all post 🙏🙏🙏https://steemit.com/hive-138339/@afridiabid/1000-days-of-steem-the-diary-game-03-08-2020

Hey @steemcurator01 ,

Pls do something about this my hole team is suffering we are not getting upvote pls consider us my team members are @rahul199 he is new and just asking me everyday when he will get upvote. @lavanyalaksman , @rajan1995 ,@akkibadboy they also didn’t receive upvotes
And me @sumit10698

Pls consider my entry I didn’t got any upvote till now my few entries are already outdated but here is the link for first post :-The dairy game (day -1 , 1st August 2020) :- an great day and busy day on steem

@steemcurator01 & @steemitblog pls consider this comment

Hi team my invited friends are facing problems in posting links to @steemitblog they are new and there none of diary entries are upvoted please check them out I'm dropping their usernames below @steemcurator01 thank you.
@nidhu, @somyasingh, @arjuskrwr, @jatinthakur, @anuragthakur, @golusingh
Please check.


hello, I have already expired two posts of the diary game :(

I would like you to please see me

Thanks so much for your support, you're a really great team!! =D

Gracias,amigos por estar al tanto de que hay muchos posts aun sin votar. Eso demuestra la responsabilidad y la ganas de hacer las cosas bien. Aquí mis publicaciones y gracias nuevamente:



Hola Equipo Steemit, he aqui mi participacion que aun no ha sido visitada


Gracias por su receptividad.

The program created by steemblok is very interesting and I really like it ... success is always steem.

Not. Single post is visited by @steemcurator01
Link of 1st August entry

Hello at @steemitblog and @steemcurator.

I commend your efforts in making sure that everyone on the diary game is motivated to continue participating. I for one, I am highly motivated but...
As a matter of urgency, I would like to draw your attention that some of the members of #9jafive teams have not gotten any curation on any of their posts.
Team members such as *@dtwo and @dimysto have not gotten to taste the benefit of entering the diary game.

I feel responsible as I was the one who invited them to join the game and I trained them for 3 days on how to make the posts and what to expect but for now, they haven't gotten any curation on their post despite the fact that they have been consistently creating their diary post since day 1..

I know a lot of people are pouring in links and more links into the diary game, so I know it's easy to miss out on a post..

Kindly look into their posts ;

Thank you so much for this catch-up update for the active members we have here. Apparently, I am thankful that @steemcurator01 is updated from those dates stated and I would like to acknowledge this great effort from the Steemit Team. Thank you @appleskie for updating the team regarding this announcement. Steem on! Let's rock it in a good way guys. More power to the program from the Philippines team!

Hai tim Steemit, mungkin anda harus mengunjungi post the diary game @wira8788 dan @awie, post mereka belum pernah anda kurasi. Terima kasih atas perhatiannya.


Begitu juga dengan post the diary game saya pak @anroja hanya post pertama di tanggal 1 agustus yang pernah di kurasikan


Masukkan link tgl 2 Agustus ke komentar steemitblog hari ini ya @tiazakaria. Sekarang dicantumkan ya linknya agar cepat di kurasi oleh tim Steemit


Baik terima kasih pak

@STEEMCURATOR01 sir my 1-8-2020 to 9-8-2020 post not visited yeat

Hello steemit team. Thanks for the updates...I have missed some votes on several of my posts you have highlighted above.

Here is one of the link to my old posts that have not yet been curated.


My dairy link for 3 rd August @steemcurator01 https://steemit.com/thediarygame/@monz122/the-diary-game-season-2-03-08-20 and also check out my contribution to this steemitblog as this is just the beginning and many more to come. https://steemit.com/the1000daysofsteem/@monz122/my-recruitment-for-the-diary-game-season-2-by-steemitblog

Hi, @steemcuratoe01 you missed out my post on 03/08/2020 it has expired. This is my my post on 04/08/2020. My pleasure & regards to you.


Hello @steemcurator01 Please check my Date :- 04/08/2020 post didn't get voted. And please check other diary game post.


Please visit my post of diary game as none has been checked. @steemcurator01 https://steemit.com/thediarygame/@kavya001/the-diary-game-01-08-20

Hello @steemcurator01 thanks for your support . Please this is my 03/08/2020 Diary post which will expire 11 hours time.


Hello @steemcurator01 my two posts have not recieved any upvote from team. post of 1st and 2nd august 2020 went without upvote and now both have been expired for upvotes. So please check my 3rd and 4th of august post..here is the link


Hello team. Thank you for the wonderful job you're doing. My posts for August 1st 2nd and 3rd paid out without curation from @steemcurator01. Here is my day 4 post link.

Thank you...

@steemitblog, @ steemcurator01, please check the posts of my Ukrainian team members @ukrainianstyle:
Thank you very much in advance!

Thanks very much Steemit Team, you are doing a great job tracking all arrears of 1000 Diary games isn't easy. We the Country Representatives or Community Curators are also facilitating these hands full of work. I hope you Guys would catch up all the various Diary Game which look outstanding per the rules of the Game. My pleasure and best wishes to you All!

My post has not been visited
Dates: 01-08-2020, 02-08-2020, 03-08-2020 and 04-08-2020

Every day I usually wake up early. and I always start my habit by getting up ... https://steempeak.com/thediarygame/@f21steem/the-diary-game-friday-august-1-2020

Thank you so much @steemitblog, and @ steemcurator01

Saya salah satu steemians yang aktif dari tanggal 1 agustus, post diary saya yang mendapat kurasi dari anda @steemcurator01 hanya post diary game yang pertama tanggal 1 agustus, sedang yang tanggal 2 agustus sampai tanggal hari ini belum mendapatkan kurasi, terima kasih

2 agustus

3 agustus

4 agustus

Here is my first publication of the daily game! Thank you very much Team Steem!


My first and second posts weren't curated.
Here's a link to the fourth one for catch up
1st August



Привет @steemcurator1 , мой пост за третий день ещё не проверен.


The way you are working is really fascinating. Because now many people have participated in this game and they are all posting. As a result, there are many posts of this game every day. It's great to see that you will see the posts of those whose posts you did not see.

You haven't visited my third and fourth day posts yet. You are allowed to share the link up to the fourth post here that is why I am sharing the post link here for the third and fourth day.

3rd day of diary game post link

4th day of diary game post link

Hello @steemcurator01 team my diary for 4th August not checked yes. Thank you.

Thanks @steemcurator01 none of my post have been visited or counted yet since August 1st, starting with my first entry: https://steemit.com/steemit/@simonjay/steem-diary-entry-1-season-2-1-8-2020

@steemitblog and @steemcurator01, my first and 2nd #thediarygame post expired without been voted.
Nevertheless this is my 4th entry post link, please visit it.


Hello @steemcurator01 team my diary for 1st , 2nd , 3rd and 4th August not checked yes. Thank you.


Hello...@steemitblog and @steemcurator01

3 post terakhir saya (sudah kadaluarsa) tidak mendapatkan kurasi dari @steemcurator01,mulai tanggal post 1,2 dan yang ke 3 uda masuk hari ke 7 hampir kadaluarsa,namun belum di kurasi.
Berikut saya tautkan link dibawah ini;




Terima kasih atas perhatiannya
Saya berharap support dari tim steemit,@steemitblog and @steemcurator01

Check, pls, an another user from my country: @ekatirina
Last 3 days we have too many problems with Internet because of an election of the president of Belarus. Very poor Internet, no Google, Twitter and Youtube at all, SteemIt works very bad, so I think she can't post her daily reports.

Muy buenas, las recomendaciones. Me gusta mucho agregar fotos y siempre trato que sean del momento, y explicar de que se tratan. Ahora es que estoy comenzando a comentar y votar otras publicaciones. Sin duda hay mucho que aprender. Ggracias por las recompensas dejadas en mis publicaciones. Son un insentivo, para mí más aún en esta época de insertidumbre.

Very good, the recommendations. I really like to add photos and I always try to take them from the moment and explain what they are about. Now I am starting to comment and vote on other posts. There is certainly a lot to learn. Thanks for the rewards you left on my posts. They are an encouragement to me, even more so in this moment of insecurity.

Hey @steemcurator01

Hindi translation is ready :-1000 दिन STEEM : दिन 29 - The Diary Game - Some Tips & Curation Catch Up #2

Rewards are also distributed in charities and post promoters

Seguimos atentas. Gracias por la información.

I have a link from 02/08/2029 and it has 9 days of publication, I understand the rules but under the circumstances that we are in quarantine I see unlikely publications of outings or purchases in my case maybe it is monotonous and becomes a little repetitive to see publications at home as it is the norm anyway I hope they employ some tactic to assess all entries


Please visit my diary post as even one of my diaries has not been checked @steemcurator01 https://steemit.com/thediarygame/@kavya001/the-diary-game-01-08-20

@steemitblog Excellent advice, thank you very much for being aware of helping us, to improve our publications every day #thediarygame


Mi bella estas a tiempo de quitar los link es solo los del día 1 a 4, podrías perder puntos! Saludos.


Gracias. Lo haré. No tenía electricidad al momento, gracias por estar pendiente.


De nada, estamos para ayudar, Saludos!

My post has not been visited
Dates: 01-08-2020, 02-08-2020, 03-08-2020 and 04-08-2020

Every day I usually wake up early. and I always start my habit by getting up ... https://steempeak.com/thediarygame/@f21steem/the-diary-game-friday-august-1-2020

Thank you so much @steemitblog, and @steemcurator01

Thank you very much for your support, for being aware, the team of curators is growing . @steemitblog

Hi, my only publication visited by @steemcurator01 was the introduction, otherwise I have not received any votes from him.

I leave you my post of the 4th day:


Hello, can someone tell me if I can still participate? Can I start playing today?

Thank you, I went shopping today but I was so quick and stressed out about the shopping that I forgot to take the pictures.

Thanks for the advice, I'll be posting today about my daily activity. @steemitblog

Greetings @steemitblog, here is a summary table of the team members @criollitos Only @deljose has received your support. We thank you in advance for your attention.

Formato Diario - Semana 01

MiembroPublicaciónFecha de PublicaciónCurator #TeamSteemit

MiembroPublicaciónFecha de PublicaciónCurator #TeamSteemit

MiembroPublicaciónFecha de PublicaciónCurator #TeamSteemit
@MleclaretNo publicó03/08/2020

MiembroPublicaciónFecha de PublicaciónCurator #TeamSteemit
@casamia12No publicó04/08/2020

Buenas noches @steemitblog y @steemcurator01! Ninguno de mis post han sido visitados por usted. Se que uso muchos captures, pero no cuento con teléfono celular y como en las reglas no dice nada en contra de los captures, no pienso que este mal. Hago lo que puedo con las herramientas que tengo





Muchas gracias de antemano por el apoyo!

Hi!! There are many post that you haven't visit yet, but it's understandable! This is for august 3rd THE DIARY GAME DAY 3 : DATE 03/ 08/ 2020 - OMG Liquidada

Привіт @steemitblog в steemcurator01 можете будь ласка подивитися мій пост - https://steemit.com/thediarygame/@vlad2004/the-diary-game-date-9-08-2020-day-9-50

@steemitblog і steemcurator01 посмотрите пожалуйста мой пост - https://steemit.com/thediarygame/@vlad2004/the-diary-game-date-9-08-2020-day-9-50
Заранее большое спасибо

Привіт @steemitblog і @steemcurator01 загляньте будь ласка до мене в мій блог там є непроапані пости The Diary Game 2 - https://steemit.com/thediarygame/@vlad2004/the-diary-game-date-9-08-2020-day-9-50

steemcurator01 i steemblog было бы круто если вы поддержали мой пост - https://steemit.com/thediarygame/@vlad2004/the-diary-game-date-9-08-2020-day-9-50

Hola saludos!! estoy un poco desmotivada ya que veo que a muchas personas le han votado su post y a mi no..no entiendo!! espero su visita @yurimar gracias