1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 32 - We Love Contests - Keep Them Coming...

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We have mentioned before that we like to see contests and challenges on Steem.

There seems to be quite a surge of new competitions appearing recently.

That is great. We love it!

Current Contests and Challenges

One of the issues with contests is finding them.

So we thought we might try to bring them altogether into one post.

We will start with a brief list here of a few that we have spotted recently and then if you can all add in the comments any other contests or challenges that you are running or have spotted we can bring them together into one list that everyone can share.

Hopefully this will increase engagement in all the contests and increase the fun and rewards for everyone that takes part.

These are few contests we have spotted so far. We are sure there are many more...

Please post a comment if you know of any other contests and we will add them to the list.

Due to the immense demands on our Steem Power during The Diary Game we are not able to give any upvotes as prizes as we sometimes do, but we will try to support contest announcement posts where we can.

We encourage everyone to take part in as many contests as they can. They are a great way to build your network and to earn extra rewards. And the more people participate the more organizers will be encouraged to run further contests.

Country Specific Curation Accounts

We would like to draw attention to a great new project set up by @shortsegments...

The Country Specific Curation Project is designed as a Curation Trail Investment, that allows you to support newcomers in your country and good quality content, but also to earn from your investment in Steem.

Check out these posts for more information about how you can get involved...

Thank you,

The Steemit Team



The rewards from this post go to support the work of @littledisciples in Venezuela.

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It is absolutely great to see that contests are back on the trend and at the end of the day what can be better then having fun and enjoying the time we are spending on Steemit... it should be the Golden Rule for every Steemian!
With that in mind i have decided to bring back my contest (Loserville Season 9) and hopefully this will be an absolutely Epic one!
Season 8 of Loserville end up with an amazing feed back from the community (the Season end up with 155 comments), thanks to @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, @steemingcurators and @steemcurator02, who have deliver "healthy upvotes" for a great exposure. Thanks a lot...You guys Rock!

Loserville Season 9 is on, and i am looking forward to see all of you there. Since it's a contest that encourage engagement through comments in a super fun way ... all i can say is: " Let the comments flow!"

PS: Over 35 STEEM in prizes!


Ohhh nice! Will share it in our community too!


Great... I hope you are not going to hide "Behind an XL coffee", and join as well!😉
Last Season we had a lot of fun...

great work!

Thank you for bringing our I Love Italy contest to your attention. As an Italian team we are very proud of this initiative and we plan to organize others as well, because our ITALY community is growing very quickly. We are waiting for you and we also hope for support from the sponsors to increase the prize.

This post is very useful to highlight and remember these initiatives on Steemit and we also send it on Twitter! Thanks so much!


Bellissimo concorso..Vi aspettiamo numerosi!!

I could not but bring to your notice nice @xpilar contests I take part myself every week:

Macro Photography by @art-venture

Portrait Photography & Art by @axeman - week #003

Landscape/ Seascape photography & Art by @axeman - week #039

B&W Photography & Art by @axeman - week #029

Greetings friend @steemitblog.

I'm the moderator of the community World Of Xpilar managed by my friend @xpilar, let me introduce you to our weekly report where you can detail the great events to promote participation exclusively for Steemit.


In World Of Xpilar we have managed to keep active weekly contests with the firm task of maintaining the enthusiasm of users to publish.

We are at your service from our community World Of Xpilar

We have just published a surprise contest for Steemit users, we would greatly appreciate if you give us your support


Excellent their initiative and everything they implement, team @steemitblog, we make community and that is fabulous for the growth of Steem. I leave you three links that I think are interesting and great to participate. Grateful for your support in #thediarygame, I encourage you to keep going, this event is unparalleled. A hug from Venezuela from the team @vikingastopfive.

Recommended competition links:





Hola amigaaa gracias por la recomendación!! Un abrazo!!

Excelente iniciativas que nos traen como aporte para crecer en la plataforma el equipo @steemitblog lo comparte para que participemos todos en el tema que más nos agrade. Hay varios concursos que trato siempre de hacerlos porque me encantan. Y el diario #thediarygame todos los días a veces estoy muy cansada y los comienzo a escribir y se me renuevas las energías es una terapia fabulosa.
Un abrazo desde Venezuela de otra integrante del equipo @vikingastopfive.

Excellent initiatives that bring us as a contribution to grow on the platform, the @steemitblog team shares it so that we all participate in the topic that we like the most. There are several contests that I always try to do because I love them. And the diary #thediarygame every day sometimes I am very tired and I start to write them and my energies are renewed is a fabulous therapy.

Estos enlaces de concursos que me encantan.
These contest links that I love.





A hug from Venezuela from another member of the team @vikingastopfive.



Thanks dear @sacra97 for the mention of my contest.

  ·  2년 전

Thanks for the list of contests!
I want to add - a great competition The World of XPILAR - B&W PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK
Does it @axeman
This contest teaches correct photography.

Hello friends!!

We definitely all love contests:

@Jacorv is running a weekly contest called Iniciativa Impulso - Semana 01


Ohhh 😱🤗 Thank you so much 💛

I am Bangladeshi and soon I will organize a contest. I will organize a contest especially for those who join new.

The more contests we have the more engagement and rewards. Steemians would love to participate and gain rewards. I am actually happy that the country representatives are coming with their various contests to motivate their members.

@steemcurator01 I'm yet to receive an upvote from you
Four of my posts has expired without vote and I followed all the rules.


Contest link

Hello @steemitblog , I followed all the rules but i have not received a vote from @steemitcurator01 in any of my diary game posts. Please check my profile @hafsaputul.

Hi @steemitblog I have not received a vote from @steemitcurator01 in many of my diary game posts. Please check my profile @alaminsorkar

Excellent! I love contests, I will be promoting them in my updates.

I'm looking for contacts in this steem. When I get a contest in this steem, I try to participate in it. I have benefited a lot from your post. Thanks for your nice post.

Very good idea, I'll be very attentive to see in which you participated, thank you very much for sharing @steemitblog

Спасибо! Отличная идея помочь донести информацию о существующих конкурсах.

Hey @steemcurator01 & @steemitblog

Hindi translation is ready:- 1000 दिन STEEM : दिन 32 - We Love Contests - Keep Them Coming...

Rewards are also distributed in charities and post promoters

Hola buenos días excelente idea, estaré revisando cada uno de los concursos. Y veré en cuál participó.

Thank you very much for all the support to our Venezuelan children, we are waiting for your valuable contribution, greetings and many blessings.


Story contest by @greatness96 - https://steemit.com/hive-170181/@greatness96/the-steem-nigeria-short-story-contest-story-of-my-life#@ogejoy/qf0iru

@steemcurator01, I followed all the rules but none of my post have been visited. Kindly check please

Excellent informative blog where the majority of contests and challenges meet so that all users on the Steemit platform are informed and participate freely. Blessings @steemitblog

Hi @steemitblog I have not received a vote from @steemitcurator01 in many of my diary game posts. Please check my profile @slon21veka

Thanks for share our Contest link.

thats nice . contest improve users skills. our Steem Bangladesh community run a contest . to support New users.

Great work

@steemcurator01 @steemcurator03 @steemcurator07 This is my post 6 days ago, but I haven't received your vote yet.please Chake my post🙏


Only the link of the contest related post has been mentioned here. Why did you share the link of diary game's post here?


Brother, this post of mine is going on for six days today but I have not received any vote yet.

It's an great initiative, it will be very easy for every steemian to know whats going on here.

Thanks for encouraging our Community Contest

I would like to see everything improve in terms of the healing method for the benefit of those who do their best to participate.


The list of contests is great! Thank You!

This is remarkable to be conducting some competition, it also encourages steemians and make more participation. I think photography may be categorised in lots of division, like flower, motoring, abstract, streets, food, animals.... You know lots subject arround us!

steemblog i steemcurator01 поддержите пожалуйста мой пост - https://steemit.com/thediarygame/@vlad2004/the-diary-game-date-8-08-2020-day-8-50

There are so many I will try to participate in them. Thanks for this post @steemitblog

Contest from my side is coming soon

Steem on everyone

The CCC community has 5 contests. In one of them I am the one who hosts:

• Monday contest: "What does CCC mean to you" by @team-ccc.

• Wednesday Contest: What does it mean to you today? by @freedomshif.

• Friday Contest: What do you do with...? By @gertu.

• Saturday Contest: "Looking Back / Looking Forward". By @wakeupkitty.

• Sunday contest every 15 days: lyrical poetry. By @felixgarciap.

I'm new to Steemit, so it's great to see that there's so many contests and giveaways available.

Lets goooo!!

Thank You Very Much for featuring our Country Specific Curation Program!




  ·  2년 전

Creo que los concursos y retos son una gran opcion para todos los usuarios de Steemit.
Los concursos y retos permiten la interacción entre los participantes y también ir creciendo en SP y fama.

Hi, @steemitblog, @steemcurator01

I wanna introduce cryptomission project. We have developed steem dapp. Cryptomission helps people keep good habit and get rewards.

Cryptomission has some contests for steem users. For example, "Use hand sanitizer every day" contests, and "Get up at 5am in the morning"

We held contests with prizes of 100 steem for each contest. If steemit promote our project, We are really appreciated. It is our introduction posting.



Excelente información, es grato saber que formamos parte de algo que cada día crece mas