1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 4 - The Diary Game - Attention Recruiters - Checking Recruitment Points

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We are making good progress through the backlog of Diary Game posts.

One thing we now want to check is that we have caught all the Recruitment Points due.

There has been some excellent recruitment work gone on through The Diary Game, and we are very grateful to everyone who has recruited people to Steem and to the game.

Recruitment will definitely be a bigger part of Season 2 with a new recruitment points system and its own dedicated prize fund.

The Diary Game - Attention Recruiters

So that we don't miss anyone due any Recruitment Points before we finalize the points for Season 1 please would anyone who recruited new people to The Dairy Game make a short post summarizing their recruits.

The post should include...

  • a list of all the recruits in alphabetical order

  • the date of their first diary post

  • the links to the posts where they mention your name as their recruiter.

Although it is not required for the points it would be very interesting to know how many diary posts they made and whether they were still posting by the end of Season 1.

We hope you are still able to support your recruits and are encouraging them to play The Shopping Game and Lucky 10s.

It would also be interesting to know if they are planning to join Season 2 of The Diary Game when it starts on August 1st?

If they are in your country of residence maybe you could form a team with them...

If you are able to make these posts in the next couple of days and drop the links into the comments to this post that would be ideal. We will give upvotes to the posts.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

The rewards from this post go to support the work of @fundacorazon in Venezuela and @thegreens in Cameroon.

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I'm grateful to be here with you in this community, and I hope we'll always be helpful.
And we support each other with love and appreciation.

I myself joined the diary game late so I didn't get the opportunity to recruit anyone but for season two, I will surely be recruiting new people on game.

By the way, my 1000 days of steem day 2 post was missed. Here is the link to the post



It shall end in praise

@steemcurator01, please check these post, if you have the time https://steemit.com/the100daysofsteem/@snoozeslava/the-shopping-game-16-07-2020-russian https://steemit.com/he100daysofsteem/@snoozeslava/100-days-of-steem-the-diary-game-my-4th-day-july-5 https://steemit.com/the100daysofsteem/@snoozeslava/100-days-of-steem-the-diary-game-my-10th-day-july-13 https://steemit.com/he100daysofsteem/@snoozeslava/100-days-of-steem-the-diary-game-my-9th-day-july-12 https://steemit.com/he100daysofsteem/@snoozeslava/100-days-of-steem-the-diary-game-my-8th-day-july-10 https://steemit.com/he100daysofsteem/@snoozeslava/100-days-of-steem-the-diary-game-my-7th-day-july-9 https://steemit.com/he100daysofsteem/@snoozeslava/100-days-of-steem-the-diary-game-my-6th-day-july-8 https://steemit.com/he100daysofsteem/@snoozeslava/100-days-of-steem-the-diary-game-my-5th-day-july-7

¡¡Hola Amigos!!
Por favor podrían pasar y visitar estas publicaciones, tienen mas de una semana sin votarme =(


Esta es mi publicación de solicitada el dia de hoy !El resumen de mi trabajo como reclutadora: https://steemit.com/hive-185836/@anasuleidy/mi-trabajo-como-reclutadora-del-diario

Muchas gracias de antemano.

뭔가 열심히는 하는거 같은데...
체감 그럭저럭

Hello @steemitblog and @steemcurator01. I hope my post about shopping meets all the above rules and can take part in this interesting everyday game.


And perhaps you would look at my post where I specifically bought a laptop, computer mouse and headphones, so that it was convenient to describe my texts for the game diaries season 2 and shopping.


For me, it is a great motivation to evaluate my posts and know that they are being read. Thank you for the great contests and your effort

Yeah.. Waiting for phase II. I'm gathering a team with 3 other very new members to the Steemit. The team formation post will publish soon. Here is my entry to the shopping game

I have joined this contest in the past 5 days but haven't received the support yet, this is my post for today.


Hey @steemcurator01

Pls visit my profile as there are few posts still unvoted including last diary post

@steemitblog and @steemcurator01 thank you so much for your great work on Steem. I'll write the post about my followers of the diary game.

my post of Attention Recruiters: https://steemit.com/hive-139293/@vipnata/the-1000-days-of-steem-16-7-2020-my-recruits-to-steem-and-the-diary-game

PpWaiting for Season 2 to commence. 😁
This is my entry of the shopping game.

I am going to select my team for the 1000days of steem dairy game(season 2) out of the new recruits that I have brought to steemit. Most of my Ugandan recruits are actively involved in the steemPOD program where they are actively participating in the prominnow program. They joined the steem ecosystem abit late when the dairy game was coming to an end and therefore they could not participate in season 1.

However, I am encouraging them to participate in the #shoppinggame.

Will you please show some love on my old #shoppinggame posts below. They are soon reaching the 7day payout period without any support from you.


Otherwise, thanks so much for the great support to the recruitment efforts of many steemians allover the world.

Saludos @steemitblog y @steemcurator01 , si pueden revisar mis publicaciones no tuve su voto, gracias! Realice todas mis publicaciones para poder ganar algo para comprar el regalo del día de los niños a mis hijos y nada!


Thank you very much 🌝 👍

I think this is great offer in addition to the #theshoppinggame and and the Lucky $10 from commenting, as most us are less busy in posting since the Diary Game Season 1 ended. Yesterday I missed posting my #theshoppinggame and playing the Lucky $10, so right away, I will summarise all my recruits and share here with you on the comment section as you have asked. You Guys are keeping us more engaged and always active despite the fact that Season 1 game has ended. Thanks for your great support.

Llegué al juego muy pero muy tarde y para colmo no pude terminarlo por cuestiones de salud, pero espero con ansias la segunda temporada para entrar de lleno y con todo Dios mediante,saludos desde Venezuela.

Day 1000 caught my eye. I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow, The Daily Freewrite prompt will be at Day 1000 on Steem. I have kept the activity alive here on Steem while most have moved t Hive.
Your support for the project would be highly appreciated. I founded a Freewriters community which is going wild right now since I don't have moderators, but with some support from Steemit, it could be just as vibrant again...

Wow. I just onboarded two people yesterday.
Here's a link to my post


Hi @steemcurator01 @steemitblog here is my link to Summary post also please check my profile i have diary posts pending and my weekly report As well thank you.

Hey @steemcurator01 & @steemitblog

Hindi translation is ready:-1000 दिन STEEM : दिन 4 - The Diary Game - Attention Recruiters - Checking Recruitment Points

Post beneficiary is 3 charities

Post promoters rewards has been changed post is coming with full details

Yea, @steemitblog we are recruiting new members but they are yet to join the diary game ,

Keep on to your good works @steemitblog , i acknowledge your effo

Hello, @steemitblog @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02
I have a post that has entered 6 days that has not yet received a vote.
Please you check my post


We are currently working on a program that will recruit, reward and retain steemians on the platform and tomorrow, we will publishing a post about our new venture that aims at empowering and supporting Steemians to grow on the platform.

Steemit Njangi loading...

Great. This will motivate people to recruit more people in The season two game. 👍

Hy @steemitblog

Thanks for information

Thank you very much

It only gets better, We will keep the grind on

Thank you steemitblog