1000 DAYS OF STEEM : The Diary Game - End of Season 2 Update & What's Coming Up

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Season 2 of The Diary Game has now ended.

All diary entries covering up to September 25th should be posted by the end of September 27th at the latest.

As announced yesterday The Diary Game will be continuing in its new format. We hope many of you will keep posting your diaries.

We will still be voting on Diary Game posts in the new Season 3 but votes will not be guaranteed.

The 'It's Your Lucky Day' promotion for 100% Power Up posts will also be continuing. As will the 'OnePercenters' comment voting initiative.

Season 2 Voting, Scoring and Prizes

We will be busy the next few days visiting as many posts as we possibly can and giving catch-up votes for missed posts where people have continued to publish their diaries.

Season 3 posts will count to receive 'backdated' catch-up votes so if you do continue writing you maximize your chances of getting a nice surprise upvote.

We will be announcing more about how the prize funds will be split for the individual contest (5000 STEEM), team contest (2000 STEEM) and recruiter contest (1000 STEEM) shortly.

Then we hope to announce the winners within about a week.

Just as a small aside when we are reviewing Diary Game posts to decide the vote and points there are a number of factors we take into consideration.

Alongside the more obvious ones - presentation, formatting, quality of writing, images, rule adherence etc - the three biggest factors, particularly after we have so many posts, are perseverance, interest, and positivity.

People who have continued to post regularly, and kept their posts positive and interesting, attract higher points and votes from us.

Surprisingly those who stop and start and stop again, and continually complain in their posts and comments about not getting votes and how badly run the Diary Game is, do not attract higher points and votes.

Participation in the Diary Game is purely voluntary.

It is not a job, it is a game.

Coming Up Next

Once Season 2 of the Diary Game is completed and the prizes awarded, we will be turning our attention full on again to all the new projects and programs coming up including...

And don't forget the Sow Your SUN Challenge with big prizes on offer, runs until September 28th...

There will also be more Country Representatives coming on stream, and in a couple of days we will be announcing a major, big prize October Challenge.

If all this doesn't look like there is enough going on we still have a number of totally new projects currently being worked on, and we may be bringing back a 'golden oldie' for a short run.

Stay tuned, stay positive, keep posting and have fun.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

Notes from the Community...

Steem Power Up Day - October 1st

Organizer @kiwiscanfly has posted a reminder about the forthcoming SPUD event on October 1st.

The prizes on offer this month are even more impressive...

Contests, Contests, Contests

Contests are blossoming on Steem.

@rishabh99946 is doing a great job maintaining a list of all the current contests around the blockchain.

If you know of any contests not on his list, add a comment to his latest post...



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Surprisingly those who stop and start and stop again, and continually complain in their posts and comments about not getting votes and how badly run the Diary Game is, do not attract higher points and votes.

Yup, I agree with this. I saw lots of people complaining about not getting votes or being actually offensive/rude to curators and seriously, I don't think that that's what someone looks for when spending time in Steemit. And that doesn't add up as a community either.
Thank you for such hard work curating and coming up with all this interesting ideas! We really appreciate it! :)


It makes me wondering too, they think their daily activities worth that much and so valuable to the community on steemit that their diary must be upvote by steemcurator01 with 100$ worth vote 🙄🤯 are they the Kardashian of steemit?


Loooooll, you made me laugh so hard 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Of course, every post and every participant is valuable. This is mining put on stream with minimal resource consumption. Only man-hours, but you think it's expendable...

You must have a hundred-dollar obsession. From what ceiling did you get this figure at all? Here we are talking about attention and at least a small reward. People are happy and a couple of three bucks for the post...


No one said that every post and participant wasn't valuable, that's what you figured out. What is being discussed here is how people only come here to complain over and over and over again. Just like you are doing, lady.


Am I complaining? You have a false impression! I'm fine, I'm just sorry for the time spent on this game and the people who invited and they are now offended at me that they were not visited by the curator.


the problem is with you, to begin with, you promising them about steemcurator01 will be visiting their post when you inviting them into the game, now you blaming steemit team for the thing you promised to those people 🙄


People are happy and a couple of three bucks for the post...

People who always complaining never get satisfied.. you give them 3 bucks then they come complaining why those people get more than 3 bucks, I want more to make me happy too,, and on and on..


Don't judge by yourself, not all people are like that...


Dear @lil4a

Here we are talking about attention and at least a small reward. People are happy and a couple of three bucks for the post.

I agree with your thoughts !! but why don't they discuss their problem to the curator of their country?


I think only value packed content should be convinced for upvote.


@fendit should I cry seeing their complaints? 🤣🤣🤣


I think if your posts weren't richly rewarded, the odes of praise wouldn't be coming from you right now. Are you serious? Look who praises the organizers and curators, only those who have no delays in curating posts.


Odes of praise? Lol!!
Check out my latest posts from the Diary game:
have they been rewarded? Nope.
Do I feel the need to complain about it? No.
Why? Cause sooner or later, they will curate ALL posts, they have already made it clear a lot of times in countless posts. And still, there's people working hard behind every curator account, there's no need for anyone to be rude or disrespectful. I don't need to be rewarded to be grateful towards someone that shows how hard they're working and coming up with ideas to make Steemit grow.
It's a shame you can't see it this way and it's even worse that you point out this things to someone without even talking to me or getting to know what I do here/why I chose Steemit. That talks way too much about who you are and how you get along with things.
Wish you the best :)


Yes, at least you don't lie to yourself, I probably visited your blog before writing this comment, and I saw all your rated posts.

Excellent friend qSteemtiblog.

Very interesting everything that is happening and what is to come, this will even raise the participation of people who are active in Steemit, there are many good people who every day plays an important role in our platform.

In the meantime, from today I'll be weaving a week of #PromoSteem, from the streets to the networks.

Successes in the activities to come.

Я очень рада, что дневниковая запись будет и далее вестись. Обязательно буду принимать участие!

Gracias por la actualización, me encanta el juego del diario y me parece genial que siga activo,
Lo mejor está por venir!

Saludos y bendiciones @steemitblog!!

Thank you very much for all the effort you are making @steemitblog. Not only from curation, but also from brainstorming to keep users engaged with #steemit. #thediarygame has been a beautiful game, which in my case, helped me create a habit. Thanks for that! And what is coming is spectacular! I am sure that there will be publications that are very rich in content, since there are experts from different fields on the platform. Thanks for everything and also for promoting positivity.

Thanks for sharing this link with me @ciska

Whoever is behind @steemitblog is doing great job (in my opinion). Truth is - there is no way we could satisfy everyone. And it's important to decide who do we want to support with upvotes.

Those who complain about not receiving upvote shall not be your target audience. People who care about profits in the first place are not going to stick around for any other reason.

Keep up with great work you do guys,
Yours, Piotr

this is awesome update,,, will surely check all the links specially @rishabh99946 ... as always you have my commitment with #the1000daysofSteem ... God bless and looking forward to more fund and positive activities in Steemit! 🥰

I am really excited for season 3....


Yes, and it is started from today.

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Just when I thought I would miss out on steemitblog. Boom.. I got super interesting contests to participate even more.
Thank you @steemitblog for such an amazing opportunity to always have something ti share.

Excelente seguiremos atentas. Equipo "lucero de la mañana" pendiente de todas las notificaciones, cambios, totalmente de acuerdo que es algo voluntario.

"La segunda temporada de "El Juego del Diario" ha terminado.

Todas las entradas del diario que cubren hasta el 25 de septiembre deben ser publicadas a más tardar el 27 de septiembre.

Como se anunció ayer, El Juego del Diario continuará en su nuevo formato. Esperamos que muchos de ustedes sigan publicando sus diarios.

Seguiremos votando las entradas de The Diary Game en la nueva temporada 3, pero los votos no estarán garantizados.

También continuará la promoción "Es tu día de suerte" para las entradas 100% Power Up. Al igual que la iniciativa de votación de comentarios de "OnePercenters".

Votación, puntuación y premios de la segunda temporada

Estaremos ocupados los próximos días visitando tantos puestos como podamos y dando votos de actualización para los puestos perdidos donde la gente ha seguido publicando sus diarios".


I have been posting regularly since joining the Steemit platform. And I'm also working on how to enhance the beauty of my post. I am trying to increase the quality of the posts so that the readers can enjoy reading my posts. I am hopeful that I will be able to work on this platform regularly. And I'm glad to hear that those who post regularly have the highest priority in voting.
Thank you @steemitblog and @steemcurator01


They are trying their best to curate all the diary posts. Hope everyone will get their desired upvotes. And we are happy with this update post

Saya sangat mendukung kegiatan steemit untuk mendulang kejayaan keemasan kembali bagi steem. Saya akan menyertakan seluruh pendatang baru yang berhasil saya rekrut untuk terus berpartisipasi dalam setiap games yang diadakan. Semoga kesuksesan selalu untuk kita bersama. Terimakasih. 🤗🙏

I am so excited to hear many projects coming up after season 2. Thanks for the update dates.

That was unique and interesting game I have ever played in my life. Writing diary is not a job, even it can't be. Posting diaries is have a fun to record and write your day on blockchain, we can't do that on real diary in nowadays. So it was unique game, it is. Also we have a benefit to check our days after years, on blockchain. And then we can see how we spent our those days.


Memories are very special ..I really enjoyed This season but i couldn't complete My diary post . you know the problem. From Now on we will work together.


Yes, friend you tried your best with diary games and steemit, while exams. Very nice efforts.

[We will still be voting on Diary Game posts in the new Season 3 but votes will not be guaranteed.]

I,m not getting vote till now. Now I am so worried about whether I will get votes?


It's been stated countless times my friend. Every diary posts would get voted as long as they follow the rules. It's just a matter of time considering the huge turnout of participants for this season's games.

Curating every single post and still having a life is mutually exclusive.

Be patient @hasi86, in due time...


Yes i can understand...i will keep my patient...thank you for your advise..

I am posting daily on Steem, and I wanted to be more active in the community. Hoping to do better this time.

Estoy emocionada por seguir participando en todos los nuevos proyectos que tienen planificados. Se ven muy interesantes para seguir creciendo en la plataforma. saludos @steemitblog

This is awesome update and good idea. I hope everyone join all projects very soon. Thanks for update

To tell the truth, I wait for the country culture challenge the most 🙃

I got a It's your lucky day vote from @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 . So would I get another visit from steemcurator01 ? for my all diary? Just want to know. And I am so excited for the season 3 .


Congratulations for the lucky vote, and yes you can get another visit. Because that was other category won by you. I just wish for that, 🥰😍♥️.


Thank you so much...

That's what we want from you. The full update of what will coming next amd what is next plan. Happy with this post. We will keep working on this platform. Because we are attached and shared our feelings everyday in this platform. Hope we will give back something to this community. Thanks for your update

The second season of diary game has ended since September 25. I was active for 50 days. I have 50 posts.

How will I post from today. What will be the title of my post from today? Will you give points in the third session? If I don't post every day in the third session, what will be the problem? @steemcurator01

Thanks for the update.

I learned so much on steemit through diary game season 2. I will be more than happy to post my daily activities whenever I got time to do it. I had improved so much in my writing and presenting skills. Thanks you for all the opportunities.

hello @steemitblog. i didnt get upvote from @steemcuratoro1 till now ..Please visit my profile once.



You not read Bottom of this post:



So where i can aply for my pending vote. ?


You wait and keep posting . They will find you. You have to stay calm and wait

You have to remember that 'It is a game'


who takes guarantee ?

I can't wait to see what more projects aside these amazing ones the steemit team will grace us with.

Классно что дневник продолжаеться. Я рада обезательно буду участвовать.

Me encanta que se mantenga el Juego del Diario y que a la vez ssse ofrezcan nuevas oportunidades para crecer y ganar
*The Diary Game Season 3

The Country Culture Challenge
A Better Life With Steem
The Steem Entrepreneurs Program
The Communities Support Program*

De esta forma los nuevos también se verán motivados a permanecer en la plataforma.

Hola como están me parece muy buenas las ideas y proyecto me siento feliz por eso y ustedes equipo de @steemitblog son geniales los felicito por tanta motivación en esta plataforma, estaremos pendiente de las sorpresas que ustedes tienen

Season 2 has now ended. And the upcoming programs are looking interesting. I will definitely take part in these projects.

When will the Diary Game Season 3 start?


It’s already started from today i.e 26th September. Please check yesterday’s @steemitblog announcement.

Please follow @steemitblog to get updated about new contests and initiatives. There are so many interesting things recently announced. Please try to be part of it.

Saya telah berhasil menulis 50 post untuk "The Diary Game",, Hari indah untuk steem

Thanks for the clarifications, it has really helped me to finish catching up with the second season and continue with all the wonderful things to come.

Thanks so much steemit team for the updates.

Actually, its blow my mind that people expecting 100$ worth upvote from steemcurator01 for their diary??
What in the world that making them think that their daily activities worth that much???
So you all complaining steemcurator01 not visiting your diary post that so "valuable" to the community on Steemit? Wow....🤯

Me alegra mucho saber que #thediarygame tendra una tercera temporada, animos que vendremos con más ganas y obtendremos más éxitos..!!

¡Gracias a todos los curadores por su apoyo y los felicito por su arduo trabajo en esta plataforma!

This update is really exciting, it shows that there is a lot of well organized movement at Steemit and that makes me very happy, thank you for the effort and dedication to all who have made it possible to make Steemit a good place.
Happy evening

And remember,...we support free speech at stunc.

que bueno que sigamos en el juego the diary game, gracias por esta actualizacion esperemos, el exito esta por venir y cosas buenas tambien saludos

Wow I can't wait to participate in this upcoming update. Thank you steem team

When the diary game started, it was as if it's not gonna end soon, but it's easy how time flies. The consideration to post the 25th diary on the 27th is excellent. At least, every contestants would be able to post their last diary. I'm sure everyone would be optimistic about the season 3 game because of the success of the season 2. Also, all the programs and projects listed for attention would cause more tractions. Great job from the steemit team.

One of my areas is education, my topics are about scientific dissemination, there are millions of scientific articles that are read on other platforms, there should be a space in steemit

Que bueno que continuará el The diary game y que ya no será tan estricto, me conviene mucho porque soy más de emociones que de vivencias y veo que en la temporada 2 tomaban más en cuenta el diario vivir y las fotografías, y a mi me gusta mas la expresión de la escritura... Así que muy bien por esa... @steemitblog ha hecho un buen trabajo con las actualizaciones... Saludos...

It seem it is more exciting then ever!

much love

Hi @steemcurator01
If you don't mind.I have been posting here for many days. But I didn't vote for any of my diary game posts. I only voted for one post before the break of the second season. Since then I haven't voted for any post. I have always followed the @steamblog posts.
Please see my posts @rasel72.