5/23/2020 Entry to the Steemit Diary Game - Working


Hello everyone! This is my next diary entry for the diary game!

Today, I woke up at 8am. I suspect that I am getting older do to the fact that I find myself requiring less and less sleep each night. The first thing I did this morning (after checking Steem) was practice the Mendelssohn piece I mentioned in yesterday's article. I practiced for about an hour, and then watched YouTube videos for another hour. At that point, I showered, and then practiced the piano for another two hours.

At 2pm, I had lunch, and my girlfriend and I watched Avatar The Last Airbender together on a call. After that, we played minecraft bed wars together for several hours. We won a lot of games today, and we both had a lot of fun!

At 7pm, we ended our call, and I drove to the bank to deposit two checks that came in the mail. When I got home, I practiced the Mendelssohn piece until it was time for dinner an hour later. Despite the fact that I practiced for four hours today, I am still not pleased with my progress. I intend to wake up at 6am in order to polish the piece. In addition, I still haven't learned the hymns for this week's service, so I have to do that tomorrow morning.

I am now going to go to bed! Here's a song by Schubert to enjoy (the video includes translations)! I remember singing this with my friend who was sent back to Germany due to the pandemic. Perhaps I will get around to posting that video one of these days!

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