Dear Dairy; Building a Wall (27/06/2020)

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So in these past days i have been quite occupied, with examinations (not done yet though), clinical apprenticeship and learning (academics and forex). But i also had the pleasure of witnessing first hand and participating in the construction of my house wall. This brings me to a popular saying that goes like practical is always different from theory or something like that i am sure you get the concept i am trying to put across.

photo6019140385101689932 (1).jpg

I learned about construction in high school under basic design and technology and has never really had the chance to do it first hand or be close to it been done, it was basically and theoretical knowledge which was imbibed to sail through my examinations, but seeing it done is really interesting. Turns out there molding of blocks is not as easy as it sounds, the strength required to work and to carry it off for drying and later the whole construction process. Making a trench in the ground and mixing concrete and mortar. But hei it was fun to watch and learn, i even got to participate at a certain point in time so.


But my greater portion of the day was spent behind the laptop completing some assignments and doing some research though, i cannot wait for the 30th of this month to be free of these stress. I will be fun time then and i would probably spend my days writing on the blockchain. Thanks to @oppongk for bringing the Ghanaian community into the light. We hope to grow bigger and stronger in the upcoming days


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Thank you very much for this great work you engaged yourself with in today's Diary Game. I so much happy to see you back again in the Game. Let's help to make Ghana popular in this Game.
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Thanks for the love, I look forward our community growing, hopefully after the corona dies down we can look at massive recruitment