Dear Dairy; It was a hectic day (29/06/2020)



Today was a very tiring day, from the start of the morning one could almost tell that it was going to be a stressful one. It rained heavily last night and the roads this morning was an eye sore. The local government is finally working on our roads for us, well it has been many years now and i think because of the elections they are doing lots of construction to gain the favor of the people, well that is not really my concern, ok fine it is my concern, but hei getting those roads sorted us right now is more important to me and election is about the majority. Now let me get back to what am talking about before i get sidetracked. So the roads were bad, cars got stuck along the way and i had to go round and round to be able to get to town.


I got to work a little bit late because of this whole morning situation however i was lucky, there had not been any patients yet so i didn't miss out on much. I spent my breaks checking the NASDAQ Charts looking for entries to trade, i am still am amateur trader and so i am mostly working with demo accounts, hopefully in the near future i will get to make some earnings on the market. The funny thing though is that i actually forgot to eat during the day can you imagine. So i was eager to get when i when we finally closed.


With the whole corona brouhaha still lingering out there, i have to hit the showers as soon as i get home and it was really refreshing, i treated my serve to a great meal and spent the rest of the time studying, i still have a long way to go with the market and a whole lot of pdfs to read but hei am gonna get there.


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