Dear Diary; All is said and done (01/07/20)


I meant to write yesterday but I was too jaded and stressed out to sit behind the laptop or even to type on the fon. I kinda hit the bed as soon as I got home and I was gone but I’m glad today though, why? Because am done with the academic year which the corona virus made long up till now. So I spent whole of yesterday on campus submitting assignments and projects to my lecturers, campus was full of people though due to the fact that clinical students and students who had to do some form of practical assessment were called back.


I spent a greater portion of the day at the the printing press and another portion at the department office. It was interesting seeing all the measures been put in place to protect the students who had to stay in school and the lecturers who still had to work, I was proud of the University administration at that particular point in time but it did come up in a conversation what the very near future will be like considering the physical distancing protocols and the fact should school resume in September it will almost impossible for that to happen as some lectures has about 300 students in the room. I guess the university is going to start working on it now then because we can’t stay home forever school must continue.

So now I have just some small free time addded to my schedule to have some fun, not as if I can do a lot with this pandemic still rearing it’s ugly head especially now that rumors hasn’t it that it just killed a former party chairman in of the ruling government. We can only hope for the better and for our lives to spared, because you never know who May have it and who you come into contact. Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day, I cannot wait for the season of the dairy game though, August seem so far lol, Ciao


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It's cheering to see that you have finally completed the academic year despite the challenges surrounding this pandemic. I should say Congratulations.
Safety is paramount, especially at this time. We must ensure that we maintain all the preventive measures so that we can live healthy and in peace.

Keep playing #thediarygame. Steem on...

@nattybongo, thanks very much for your support with the diary game, after busy time of learning. You are welcomed.


It is great to be back and I hope we get to have a strong team for the round 2 of the dairy game

Hello @nattybongo, what are you studying? Here, in Venezuela the universities are not working yet.
I see that you worked a lot on the pending assignments and projects, good..!
Try to have fun and rest a little, August is very closer...!


I am an optometry student, the university opened only for final years to write the final exams and graduate, although not in final year some assignments demanded hard copy submissions hence the need to visit the campus to submit, am glad am done now though, I am eagerly waiting for the second edition of the dairy game as I went off during the peak of everything. Thanks for reading though and I hope you have loads of run too


Yes, the the diary game second edition will be great and funny..!
Optometry is an amazing profession, Good luck..!


Indeed, which country do you hail from? Do you plan on having a team or u ll be entering as an individual? Optometry is indeed great too and I look forward getting my second degree as soon as am done with this one, are you an academician by any chance?


I´m engineer, and I´m also a college professor at a local university in Venezuela

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