The Diary Game Day 8 : Friday May 29 2020


Ok.... I think I missed a day.... can I go back in time to write it ?

I was very busy yesterday .... Friday May 29 2020

It was another hot and sunny day and I was up early as usual, around 5:00 am to take Lola for a walk in the yard.
Coffee then the morning reading and answering work emails and playing telephone tag with some Clients.
I was finally able to Set up a Conference Call for Monday morning to discuss new Contracts.

We had a Grocery pick up at Loblaws for 12:00 noon so I drove over and parked in the Express Pick up lane. They were missing a few items like Bacon, pepsi, bagels, so I had to make a quick run to Shoppers Drug Mart to get those items plus some Ice Cream. Back to work In The afternoon. Work from Home that is.... I’m Still having lots of problems with the work computer so I did almost everything from my iPhone and iPad.

I Fell asleep very early and missed the time I usually add my Diary post ... so here it is. I Will write Saturday’s later tonight.

These are the Apple blossoms in our garden ...


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hi @offgridlife, it's nice to read the participants ' diaries.
This is a great idea from the Steem team.
We can understand how people spend their day and what they think.
Find out where and how they live! Good luck and write your diary.
Excuse me, I do not understand what it means the Drug Mart?
This is the name of your supermarket?


Yes.... Shoppers Drug Mart is a large Pharmacy that has many food groceries now.


Thank you very much for your reply.
Have a beautiful day, @offgridlife

It's really hot here as well don't worry there are still so many days left so you can make diary posts whenever you can. I wish if i had a garden!
No matter how busy i am i always spare 20-30 mintues to make daily diary posts over steemit and because of quarantine I'm getting much of spare time. I wish you luck for the diary game.

Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

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