Day #32: Social Distancing Causes Severe Mental Damage | The Diary Game 06/30/20


"...there is NO PROOF that social distancing prevents spread of coronavirus." Says USC Professor Joel Hay in a recent interview. I read these words and I am here shouting at my computer screen because all around me people are acting like anti-social assholes because of it. (pardon my French)

As I suspected from the very beginning, this whole thing is nothing more than a Psy-Op.

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Dear Diary - How Can I Tell the People Around Me About the Harm From Social Distancing?

I have a very consistent daily routine...

  1. Bulletproof coffee and a Bible study combined with intellectual resources for self-development.
  2. Listen to Jeff Berwick "The Dollar Vigilante" if a new video is available.
  3. Prayer followed by exercise to keep my body fit and my mind functioning at full capacity.

What blew me away this morning was Jeff's new video about "Papers Please: Orwellian, Mass Tracking.." which you can copy/paste into a new window, to see the full version of it:

In the video, he brought up the CIA torture research which has three main points of interest:

  • The entire procedure was designed to break down enemies of the state.
  • Physical damage is like smoking 15 cigarettes per day and being an alcoholic.
  • Risk of death is doubled, and the part of the brain responsible for learning is damaged.

Additional resources related to this information are at the very bottom of this page under the heading "Sources." Definitely watch the video I linked to above, and for sure, read the info below.

My brain is exploding! I am absolutely gobsmacked! The psy-op against humanity is so in our faces and no one is paying attention. Especially here in Colombia, people are standing around with their arms crossed watching the government programming and hiding in their homes like a bunch of COWARDS, as their entire lives, work, businesses and friendships are being flushed down the proverbial toilet of government control.

Recently, I said on a Facebook post that society will be divided into those who Follow Government Rules, and those who have NO FEAR. It's going to be a very sharp divide, and it is going to break us up along social/political lines of thought and reason. And, the next generation are going to suffer this more acutely even than we will. Our children are the real victims IF we leave them in Government Schools.

The kid-gloves are off, I am taking no prisoners and I truly hope that all my fellow Steemians who read this are paying close attention. You don't even have to take my word for it! All the links and resources are here for you to do your own reading and research.

I really didn't expect to write this today, just like I don't expect most of the topics I find myself writing every day. #thediarygame has been an incredible motivator and impulse for me to not only develop my basic writing/editing skills a bit more, but to also become more consistent in publishing daily posts about relevant topics. And, as always they aren't normal, day to day, topics.

With me you will find gut-wrenching, cold-sweat inducing meanderings deep into the human psyche, my own real experiences and first and second-hand stories I have heard from friends or journalists who I follow closely.

It has always been a personal thing of mine to keep life and friendship real, even when uncomfortable. I have burned bridges like an arsonist on a sugar high and lost friends faster than a rookie losing his first NASCAR race, all because I really don't have much filter between my brain and tongue, or fingers alternately.

To be fair, I did spent a couple years heavily invested in a very neutral and clean public image on social media because of the blogging and consulting I do for Travelers and Expats. But, those in my inner circle are all, preferably, people who can handle my truths/reality. Life is hell, even more so for those who have hyperactive minds like mine.

Manizales, Colombia is the kind of place that is hot one second and cold the next when the sun hides. This is because I am at 3,000 Meters, or 7,000 Feet above sea level.

And now that my cannabis doses have run out - ha ha ha, I am even more intense than usual! The THC that helps me act relatively chill and normal is NO MORE! Mua ha ha! At least not until my first harvest in about 4-6 weeks.

But, maybe it is for the better. I would rather risk it all to create a brighter future for my son, than to go quietly into the night. If this were a star wars episode I would have a light saber in hand and some guru standing by saying "The FORCE is strong in this one." Even better, I have Jesus Christ in my heart giving me the strength and courage to stand strong - even to the death!

So, that's how I feel about that...

Dear Readers, If you had the stomach to read this far, then I congratulate you and give you my fullest gratitude for letting me speak my peace about a topic that is controversial if not dangerous to my health and future. Part of why I moved to Colombia, was because I have never been a "quiet" one. If this moved you in any way, feel free to email me, or comment below.

And, you know that...

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