Day #41: Thursday at La Galeria | The Diary Game 07/09/20

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If I mention "La Galeria" in upper class parts of Manizales, it brings an instant reaction. Interest, disgust, snottiness and other human reactions to a place that is a giant mess of noise, smells, people in the street, cutthroats, mostly male vendors and all kinds of business transactions. It is such a sensory overload, it fascinates me.

The above picture, is one of the left-over cable-car towers from when the cargo line ran from Mariquita, Tolima, over the mountains, to Manizales, Caldas, here in Colombia.

All pictures were originals taken by Erin Donaldson with all rights reserved.

Dear Diary - Here's a photo tour of what my day looked like

Today, we followed our usual routine of devotions, breakfast and workout. Right now, I am putting my stuff together to run out the door after lunch. Meanwhile, I am catching up on the weird and bizarre current events of 2020. It's all bad news with catastrophically dire consequences. I have never been so desensitized to sensational news headlines like I have become recently.

Nothing surprises me anymore. COVID, Civil War, Trade War, Volcanoes, Meteors - what's next? Aliens or Zombies?

La Galeria, in essence, is a giant marketplace where vegetables/fruits/meats and more are brought in to be sold and distributed.

I have to go to La Galeria to deal with a mistake in our last domicilio, or home delivery, order from the nut shop, buy beans, drop off some money to an organization that helps those in need, and then pick up boxes for my mom to pack away some of the extra stuff we don't use.

After getting boxes, I stopped by a head-shop for rolling papers.

Later this afternoon, I will meet with a digital marketing colleague to compare notes and identify best practices for our websites while looking at how mine can be leveraged and improved a bit. With limited income opportunities, I need to start leveraging ALL my sites to fill the gaps.

The private hospital here is called "Clinic de la Presentacion" and has great back-end views of the mountains and neighborhoods of Manizales.

I am feeling somewhat exhausted by The Diary Game, 41 days writing articles every day in a row has me a bit run down, which is why I am publishing much later than I usually do.

The Catholic University of Manizales - is one of the 5 major universities here.

Only a couple more days, with the final day being Saturday, July 11th. It has been an incredible transformation for my ability to free-write a new topic every day. After a short break, I will be pulling out all the stops for the next competition, #the50daysofsteem, on August 1st, 2020!

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Haha I think they have already done Aliens and Zombies, I think the zombies was a news story on some kind of critter who is apparently is brain dead it was something like a spider or ant I cant remember exactly, anyway glad to hear I'm not the only one exhausted by the diary game it's fun yet difficult to get one in every single day but I very much look forward to season 2.


One of the best memes I have seen since this all started, was a guy dressed like a futuristic "time traveler" who arrives in 2020. He appears in the middle of some guys house, freaking out the occupant. Then asks, "What year is this?" Which some guy says "um, 2020." The time traveler then asks "Is this the month of Coronavirus, or Zombies?" And the guy responds, "What? Zombies" and then looks like he is about to pass out. It was absolutely perfect.


Haha that is a good one I can picture it and see I told you there be zombies lol.


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Saludos @openmindedtravel, tus líneas muestran el día a día de un ciudadano que camina, hace diligencias, trabaja y explota sus conocimientos, como muchos de losparticipantes del challenge.
Como yo, veo que también has desarollado la habilidad de escribir todos los días, algunas letras de libre interpretación para llenar un diario, con expresiones, con pensamientos, con risas y emociones que solo se pueden llegar a quienes leen con el corazon y no con los ojos.
Es difícil ser constantes en este reto, pero ya estamos en la recta final, recargando las energías para la segunda temporada de #thediarygame, allí nos vemos, hasta pronto..!


Muchas gracias por tu atención! Es durito desarrollar este tipo de habito - pero por lo bien por que ahora siento mas fuerte como escritora sabiendo que PUEDO escribir una tema todos los dias! Me alegre mucho el esfuerzo de @steemingcurators, @steemitblog y todos los participantes en unir por este propósito!

Great images and nice diary game. Thanks for sharing with us.


Thank you for taking the time to read my musings!

Sister Congratulation for your massive dedication through the 100 days of Steem contest. I love reading your exclusive posts and am really excited we are connected as a family on Steemit.

Your Friday scripture as food for thought.

  • What did this scripture above tells you about God?
  • How did it strengthen your faith and hope for the future?

God Bless you Daniel for blessing me with these verses. You are a great leader - and your voice is important, don't ever forget that.

Friend, my heart is very heavy today. The local pigs who are in charge of the city where I live, have shut down my favorite coffee shop AGAIN, for only take-out or delivery, and they have basically announced that this is their death because it won't support overhead costs to continue. We are living in a state of TYRANNY, and government OVERREACH. Your president is in incredible person for saying the truth publicly, but it isn't enough. Our voices are being silenced with the mask, and our lives are being put into the boxes of our homes. I need hope, because we have a very dark future until the return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


That is very serious sister, may Jehovah keep you under his wings for me and everyone here.

Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

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