100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 31 - Weekly Roundup #4

7개월 전

We’ve shifted things around this week and moved our Weekly Roundup to Sunday instead of Friday.

It’s been a busy, busy week here on the 100 Days project.

We’ve made some great steps forward, but there is still much to do and now only 69 days remaining in this project.

But it won’t all come to halt on Day #100. That will just be the end of a new beginning.

What happens from Day #101 is up to everyone...

Community Curators

It was absolutely great to get the first round of the Community Creators project up and running this week.

We are really looking forward to seeing what our first Community Creators can do with their delegations to make their communities thrive.

Good luck to @roadofrich, @wherein, @canna-curate, @greece-lover, @project.hope, @remlaps and @stef1 - all eyes are on you !

For anyone interested in becoming a Community Curator the applications are now open for the June round…

There will again be seven Community Curator accounts available - two with 500K SP and five with 200K SP.

Everyone is welcome to apply including those who applied in the first round - both the successful and unsuccessful applicants.

Steem Greeters and Helping Newcomers

Helping newcomers to the platform is obviously all important to improve retention and to let the world know that Steem offers a welcoming and supportive community.

As a part of a wider strategy to improve the whole onboarding experience for new users on Steem we are setting up a Newcomers Community and recruiting a number of ‘Steem Greeters’.

The first four Steem Greeters have now just been selected and we look forward to recruiting more in the coming weeks and months…

It is going to be great to have @cmp2020, @cryptokannon, @kiwiscanfly and @mariita52 out in the community helping newcomers to Steem.

Also this past week we ran a Nominate a Newcomer Challenge that highlighted some great new users on Steem including @rashia in the Philippines (nominated by @cryptokannon) and @tocho2 in Venezuela (nominated by @kiwiscanfly).

Please do go and check out @rashia and @tocho2 and all the other newcomers nominated in the challenge.

Marketing Steem

We also took some first steps to building a more outward marketing plan.

The Look What’s on Steem Campaign is inviting the community to suggest top quality posts to be included in the Steem newsletter that is being relaunched. Nominations are open until May 5th…

Our second marketing initiative this week was the announcement yesterday that we are now recruiting Social Promoters from the community to help tell the world about Steem on social media.

Like the Steem Greeters, the Social Promoters will be rewarded with delegations…


We also ran a number of challenges during the week including the Writing Challenge on the theme ‘The Street Where I Live’...

And the Photography Challenge on ‘Pets’...

To keep things fresh we are going to be mixing things up a bit this week on the Challenges.

The next one will be tomorrow.

We are very happy with what we have achieved this week, but as we approach the one third point in this 100 Days Project we appreciate there is much, much more to do.

There are still big challenges ahead and we will be doing our best to address these in a timely and positive way as we move forward.

But we can’t do it alone. Our resources are not unlimited.

We need the community to step up to play their part. Not just the witnesses but everyone.

Steem is not just blocks in a chain, it is people in a community.

We have been absolutely thrilled to see so many people coming forward already to enter challenges, to run contests and competitions, to become Community Creators and Steem Greeters.

Now we are putting out a new call to everyone to join in, to post, to comment, to vote, to participate, to engage, to organize, to develop, to help drive Steem forward.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

Notes from the Community...

What is your Dream Classical Concert?

To encourage the posting of classical music posts that will be curated by Community Curator @remlaps, @cmp2020 is running a Classical Music Challenge each week.

This week he asks you to make a post on the theme ‘What is your Dream Classical Concert?’...

We Together Community

@steem-agora, the witness of @oldstone, has launched the We Together Community to encourage people in the Korean community to buy and sell with STEEM...

Steem Power Up Day - SPUD4STEEM - Final Results

@kiwiscanfly has now posted the final results for the first (revived) Steem Power Up Day that took place on May 1st.

In first place with a massive 100% power up was witness @ciska, in second place was @marcosdk developer of the @radaquest game, and in third place was author of the Daily Crypto News @vlemon...

Congratulations to the winners and everyone who took part with a power-up and thank you to organizer @kiwiscanfly and sponsors @xpilar, @kiwi-crypto, @kiwiscanfly, @reflektor, @hingsten and @bippe for making the event happen. Looking forward to the next one on June 1st.

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Thank you for leading and paved the way for us steem community moving forward. I believe the rest of us in steem community appreciate all the initiatives made by your team so far. True and agree about everyone should do their part on moving steem forward, everyone has their part to work on and contribute to the success of steem. Steem is like a human body, we the community inside this body, wherever part you are operating be it from the brain to bottom of feet, all have their function to move the body and make it functional and moving. No one is less important. You are appreciated whatever it is you doing in steem. Always STEEM On!


Thank you for your support, very much appreciated.

The Steemit Team

Thank you for this sum up post, I agree Sunday is the best day to collect all important events from the week. As you know sometimes we may miss something during the week. It is nice to see the same names of active and engaged Steemit bloggers who are still here since ht beginning of the 100 days. With adding more events, challenges and new roles it is obvious that you Steemit team are busy but once people settle for their roles that also will become more routine.

You are doing great job and at the moment you are a driving force on Steemit, there are many people who support the vision and belief behind the Steem and Steemit community!


Thank you for your support @stef1.

I love reading this summary, it is evident the commitment, the work and the desire to incorporate all of us who make life in steem, this is the way to form the community we need !!

Count on me for the writing challenges. Thank you for your efforts, this is going forward in the right direction.


Thank you, glad you enjoy the challenges.


First of all, thanks for the mention!

Second of all, I figured I would share this community I just created with you. If it is promoted correctly, I think it could help bring Steem a large amount of new users.

Thanks again! I am looking forward to making people feel welcome as a Steem Greeter!


The Minecraft Build the Earth community is a great idea. Looking forward to watching how that grows.

You should have received your delegation as a Steem Greeter now, have fun as a Greeter.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Really looking forward to all of this, and cant wait to see some new faces around here!


Congrats on your delegation guys 🧡☀️🙏✌🏼


The future is bright...

I must appreciate your efforts. I see that you started upvote for comments and this is very. I am very sure that this way we wre going to have much engagement with users and people will consume content, that's very important. I would suggest you to continue this so that more people join it because more engaged community bring more action on the platform. This is indeed a great beginning and we are on right path. Thanks.


Sir I am translating #the100daysofsteem in Hindi but as I don’t have much followers it’s not reaching the masses. So can you help me with that it is not forced but it’s for community


Ok. Sure. You can let me know once your post is shared then I will give itna resteem and this was probably more users will get to know about it.
#the100daysofsteem is undoubtedly a wonderful initiative by Steemit and its covering various aspects to help users and grow the community. Thanks.


How do I give you a call should I tag you in comments of every post or any other way


You can mention me @sumit10698 and I check all my mentions. I will do the resteem. You can also connect with on discord. Thanks.


Thanks I will mention you in my every post. Thank you sir for supporting


Thanks, Sumit. Happy to support steemit


That is the plan to encourage engagement.

I really appreciate your efforts to make Steem better than before. And i really enjoy your challenge. But i want to ask you something. As you know, Indonesia also have a big numbers of steemit users, and no one from Indonesia has been chosen as a curator. I think a lot from us have tried to make a good quality content, but for all this time, we only get support from several Indonesian steemian which has no power. So, after choosing several curators, can we (Indonesian steemian ) get support from your curators? Thanks so much for the answer.


Salam sejahtera @ernaerningsih saya suka melihat kamu bergiat aktif di steemit. Untuk sokongan blog kamu, saya cadang kamu subscribe dan post di komuniti seperti ;
world of xpilar https://steemit.com/trending/hive-185836
whalepower https://steemit.com/trending/hive-122035
GEM https://steemit.com/trending/hive-148441

mereka memberi sokongan pada postingan pelbagai bahasa.
Kalau kamu menulis tentang game boleh post di komuniti;
INVEN Gaming https://steemit.com/trending/hive-103219

Kamu boleh lihat senarai komuniti-komuniti yang ada di steemit sini; https://steemit.com/communities
Terus aktif menulis dan komen di steemit ya. Salam kenal dari saya. Sentiasa terus STEEM on!


Thanks so much


We would welcome more applications from members of the Indonesian community for the June round of Community Curators...


I hope there will be Indonesian curators applying again. Thanks

These are really good set events in the past week which makes me feel thrilled about the future of Steem. There are good things to come and will happen in this platform. I'm just really excited about its future.


Upvote and resteem
I love seeing the number of proposals for community growth that are taking newcomers into account.
It is the first time I have seen a movement like this in almost three years that I have on the platform. So I am sure there will be positive results and the community will be strengthened. And here I continue, creating content, learning more every day and supporting those who I can support.
Success in the proposals, @steemitblog @steemitcurator01 and all the users who are already working for a Steemit every day better


Thank you for your support.



Here is another report on how I as a curator use the account provided. Since we are a community of curators and someone else is responsible for the account on Friday, it may be that they take a different approach.


Du findest uns im Discord | You can find us at Discord https://discord.gg/HVh2X9B


You are doing great work, thank you.

The Steemit Team

I have to agree that for Steem to achieve success, it will require every individual in this community to step-up and do their part. Even a simple interaction can show the world what Steem really is, a powerful blockchain with active users.

I believe that Steem Greeters & Promoters can do wonders to the Steemit platform. So, thanks a lot Steemit Team for initiating it and pushing it forward.

Happy days!


Thanks for the flag, I finally get something from the cabal, and you take it way,...

Smooth move, exlax.

Hey @steemcurator01
Be lated but the Hindi translation for Indian community is ready

100 दिन STEEM : दिन 31 - Weekly Roundup #4

Excellent initiatives every week that reinforce the activity of growth and participation in the platform. Thanks for these activities, team @steemitblog @steemcurator01. We continue here to contribute our creative grain of sand for the growth of Steem.

Greetings from Venezuela.

For every 'community curator' vote there is a regular steem user that was disadvantaged.
The pool is a commons.
When you gang up to favor this over that you create losers.
Might want to examine the behaviors that will flow from this, iyam.

Hello, @Steemitblog.

I don't know if you're the right person to reach out to, but I seem to be experiencing some difficulty.

I've posted twice & my posts seem to have disappeared into thin air ... and do not appear on my blog?

Thanks, for your help _/|\_

Having trouble seeing my posts or comments; please, help.


We’ve shifted things around

i noticed ... m hm hm mh ... i suppose it will take until there's a ahem consensus between current witnesses to patch to the latest version but i fear its gonna be more like "if you dont run the latest version you're out" ... and actually

if someone wants to play witness and get the blockproduction they can take the responsibility as well

stuff is slow ... transactions flunk , i get timeouts on stuff that does exactly the same thing to the same amount of data , its NOT an ip-ban and i can make manual posts but there's something really off with the condenser stuff

good to see you're promoting potter fiction llike 'the dream of ned' but this is not really what the whole thing was built for is it ?

"just writing" ?

whatever ... i'll see what i see

its also very annoying how my pc crashes every time i say something bad lol but im guessing thats the same old same old

"fastest blockchain" and all that ? free transactions BUT

you can only use it to write potter fiction and play facebergbook with it otherwise you will be frowned upon

i litterally dont see anything changed except steemit actively participating and

the price that went from $7 to $0.18 since the day i first signed up :D

its getting less and less fun BUT

hive doesnt seem attractive either b/c that's basically all the scum that was blocking stuff before

so now we have two versions of the same crud but

thou shallt write !


(boring) .... wake me when it changes, right ?

...mh, well i dont wanna be all-negative , i think being pro-active is something steemit has been lacking in for about four years before so this is basically a good thing but the emphasis on making it medium2 times facebook-mini is the same as it ever was , is that a generation-thing or something ? i never really understood

you want the money but if you look at fudbuk and twitter you can clearly see your proverbial masses dont really do all that intellectual bru-ha ... you got this piece of teknology where you open up a zound of options through that condenser api but then you go like "o but automating is baed!" and

i DO share some concerns with people on neutrality ... the feeling that things are being guided in one direction just a bit too much, without getting into the small civil war and stuff because thats none of my business and way above my paygrade ... BUT
as long as my wallet is guaranteed to be free of interventions (thats why Satoshi invented BTC lol, i am actually that old to remember, i wasnt playing playbmobil when they were doing that and developing it) then i guess i can stick around ... if its about "the GUD content" i have stopped caring long ago, thats a load of bull and who gets to decide whats gud ?

anyway ....

sunday steemday, its monday already, i'll check next week to see if the lag is gone (dafuk you want for 50 cents ?)


hmmm ... wiseguy tho i am, of all greeks the , i still am 100% (99%) convinced it is bought to pit against EOS voice ... (something personal i assume) but reading their EULA i have about 1% sorrow that they'll ever get mass adoption ... steemits always been pay-to-win but their reads something like "we are SO l33t that you can't sit with us unless you have a mansion in beverly hills or something fancier and about seven lambos, THEN we will let you pay up front per post you want to make"

but seeing as how they perceived the "masses" here during the last campaign i can only assume those other yuppies are just as clueless

i just wonder the direction : will this be "WE, are our own identity" or we will be a better YOU ...

the war on bots in the age of computing ?

how daft can people get ?

we need ,new video sharing platform...

looking forward to the day you drop some news that really shocks the market :)


No shit, it's business as usual for lame-duck Stinc as far as underwhelming the market. No surprise, but I still have some STEEM shitcoins to sell and I'd like to get them sold for a better price to some sucker bagholder before the sham witnesses destroy the network completely.


One of my fears is that I get rid of all my steem and it ends up making a new ATH... that would shatter me after 4 years of holding


Thanks for the vote @steemcurator01!

Using that ninja-mined Steem in the service of centralization lets Justin Sun’s spirit soar. Doubleplusgood!