100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 56 - Steem Charity Day



The best thing we can do is good.

The Steemit Inc team is keen to do good.

One way we can do that is to support some of the great charitable causes that have made their home on Steem.

We are therefore launching Steem Charity Day.

The Charities We Will Be Supporting

We have been following the activities of two great charities that have both been on Steem for quite some time.

One is the Little Disciples project that works with disadvantaged children in Venezuela…

@littledisciples joined Steem in May 2018 and is led by @lopzdaniel and his wife.

They also have a presence on Facebook…

The other charity we will be supporting is The Greens - an environmental education organisation based in Bamenda in western Cameroon…

@thegreens is led by Ngalim Franklin and they have been on Steem since June 2017.

More information about their activities is available on their website…

We will also be on the look-out for other charities on Steem to support.

If you know of any please put their details and Steem account in the comments below.

How Steemit Inc Will Be Supporting The Charities

We will be supporting @littledisciples and @thegreens, and other potential charities, in two ways initially.

Firstly we will be upvoting their posts as often as we can with the @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 accounts.

Secondly, from now on all 100 Days of Steem posts will be set to 50% beneficiary to @littledisciples and 50% to @thegreens.

It will be a great shame if we get continued downvoting on the posts as that will reduce the funds that could go to these excellent charitable projects.

Thursday will be Steem Charity Day

So the community can join in with supporting these two great projects we are designating Thursday each week as Steem Charity Day.

It will be totally voluntary to participate but if you would like to support the work of @littledisciples and @thegreens we would ask you every Thursday to…

  • upvote one or more of their posts

  • set some part of the beneficiaries of a post on that day to one or both of their accounts.

When posting on steemit.com you can set the beneficiaries via the ‘Advanced Settings’ beneath the Rewards details.

We hope as many of you as possible will join in with Steem Charity Day every Thursday.

It will be a great demonstration of how the Steem Community can come together to do good.

Thank you, and keep following for a big announcement on Saturday

The Steemit Team

Notes from the Community...

Shopify now accepts STEEM

@offgridlife and @shortsegments have both reported on the news that sites using the very popular Shopify ecommerce system can now accept payments in STEEM and SBD...

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@steemingcurators have posted the fifth edition of their showcase of the best creators on Steem...

Steem Community Forum - Sunday, June 7th

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The next one will be on Sunday, June 7th at 6pm UTC. Everyone is welcome to join in...

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Thank you very much friends, thank God and to this platform we have been able to continue our work in the situation that Venezuela is experiencing. On behalf of the children and the team, thank you Steemit for all the support. God bless you ❤

Gratitude is the greatest honor I can give you, our Venezuelan children thank you very much for your good heart, let us always do good. Thanks friends..


We are happy to help.

Please take a look at @elkezaksek. She and her husband make an impressive work.


Thank you for thinking of us! My husband Michael and I have been involved in Uganda for over 3 years. You can read our whole story of how it all came about here:


We usually collect money and buy small solar systems so that people can get light in their houses. Since there has been a lockdown because of Corona for weeks and people have problems getting food, we helped as much as possible.
In the past two months we have collected approx. 5000, - € and were able to give food to well over 1000 people.
The Steemit / Hive community also contributed to this. I would also like to mention the new chary token from @achimmertens, which works well.
We would like to thank you all once again for your support!

Here are a few links:




It sounds like you are doing good work.


It is also a lot of work....🙂


Very good, dear @michelangelo3! When I read this announcement from @steemitblog, I immediately thought of Elli and Michael and wanted to write a little introduction.

Their project "We bring light" is such a great commitment for the poor people in Uganda. It's admirable how uncomplicated the @elkezaksek team is to get food for the starving people instead of solar panels because of Corona!

Please, Elli (@elkezaksek), with all your enthusiasm, introduce yourself again (also your Facebook page) at this point - you can do it much better than I can!

Good luck and lots of warm greetings,


Lieben Dank, daß ihr an uns denkt! Mein Mann Michael und ich engagieren uns seit über 3 Jahren in Uganda. Unsere ganze Geschichte, wie das alles entstand, könnt ihr hier nachlesen:


Normalerweise sammeln wir Geld und kaufen dafür kleine Solar-Anlagen, damit die Menschen dort Licht in ihre Häuser bekommen. Da es wegen Corona dort auch seit Wochen einen Lockdown gibt und die Menschen Probleme haben, sich mit Lebensmitteln zu versorgen, haben wir geholfen, so gut es ging.
Wir haben in den letzten zwei Monaten ca. 5000,-€ gesammelt und somit weit über 1000 Menschen Lebensmittel geben können.
Auch die Steemit-/Hive- Community hat dazu beigetragen. Erwähnen möchte ich auch den neuen Chary-Token von @achimmertens, welcher gut funktioniert.
Wir möchten euch allen nochmals herzlich für eure Unterstützung danken!

Hier noch ein paar Links:




P.S. @chriddi : 😘 😘 😘


Thank you, we will take a look.

In support of "Steem Charity Day"

This Spanish translation post of "100 Days of Steem" will have a 50% profit for @littledisciples and a 50% profit for @thegreens.
I am @ mariita52 from Venezuela for STEEM.

En apoyo del "Día de la Caridad Steem" Esta publicación de traducción al español de "100 Days of Steem" se establece en un 50% de beneficio para @littledisciples y un 50% para @thegreens



Thank you very much for this.

@steemitblog Good evening, for Steem Charity Day I recommend the account of @steemchurch that carries out social work; Bread from Heaven is food for low-income children and seniors in Venezuela, take a look at the latest update of the account @sc-v (steemchurch-Venezuela) https://steemit.com/hive-148441/@sc-v/strengthening-social-service-in-quarantine-eng-spa

Awesome idea and both charities were on our radar as well!

@steemingcurators and our followers will also participate in the Thursday Charity day + the post rewards that day go to those 2 charities in 50/50 split. (set beneficiaries) Great reminder for everyone (and us)!

I love the idea and I appreciate the steemit team for supporting these charities. It will encourage others to also give their support no matter how little. I included.

The existence of the beneficiary reward setting is something that really distinguishes Steem from most other blogging platforms. I make use of it for many of my posts. I am glad to see you highlighting this feature. It would be nice if you added it to the condenser interface for comments, as well as top-level posts.

Big news that Steem and SBD can now be used for shopify purchases! Edited to add: While I was learning about that, I also happened to notice that we can apparently also use Steem, SBD, and Tron to buy gift cards from coinpayments.net. Not sure if that's old news, but I just learned of it today.

I love the "Steem Charity Day" concept. I'll try to remember to start including a beneficiary setting for one or both charities whenever I post on Steem Charity Day. I'll also set my voting bot to consider voting on their posts for the next 44 days.

Bless you Steemit Team for supporting the good Steemians for their charity works. Well deserve support for @littledisciples & @thegreens.

WOW! Steem now in Shopify. Now I have another to promote steem to my friends. Well done!

@steemitblog @steemcurator01 I admire your new initiative.
I'll be sure to join you next Thursday. I will transfer SBD to their accounts
@littlediscipls and @thegreens

Really like your words #Growing #Togehter

Great news to here: Charity work!The first motivation I learnt when I joined Steem. I remember how #breadfromheaven project is also empowered by @darlenys01 of @heartchurch, always making sure that the dining room for the kids are stock with food. Thanks very much @steemitblog for embarking on this project of Charity work! I hope together we will make it happen.

Thank You for including Green House Radio Online in this post. We are excited to begin curation for June. We also hope more people will be eager to join our Growing Together Forum for ALL communities!

I have heard that splinterlands will be moving. Is that true?


Just say an earthquake.


Yeah because steemit are a bunch of fucking snowflakes now, they censored splinterlands just like they censored anyone they don’t like


No legitimate project would stay on an illegitimate blockchain.

Report: Company that steals millions gives pennies back to the peasants.

Maybe set your 50% beneficiary to the accounts you stole funds from?

Just got censored...

I really like this kind of project, but it's just that I have no effort to support this charity like everyone else who can support 10-100%. :)

Really an great initiative to make my side of contribution I am setting both @littledisciples , @thegreens as beneficiary of my all translation of #the100daysofsteem by setting them 10-10% beneficiary

The Hindi translation is ready:-100 दिन STEEM : दिन 56 - Steem Charity Day

Resteem partner :- @alokkumar121 , @rajan1995 & @amit1995

They are also beneficiary of the translation I am posting

So now your one upvote can do a lots of things :- supporting charities, people who resteem this to make this post available to more Indian & also my work is getting paid if you are upvoting

Consider upvoting to support my work

I think it's a beautiful initiative I'm a volunteer at AVH hospitals. In Valencia/Venezuela. Many people come to the hospital only for a consultation sometimes they must stay hospitalized even without family we support the hospitalized patient, among other things I do volunteer service. I congratulate you from the heart for this noble initiative. A hug and many blessings! At last we have this beautiful thing on the platform.

Me parece una hermosa iniciativa soy voluntaria de hospitales AVH. En Valencia/Venezuela. Muchas personas llegan al hospital solo por una consulta a veces deben quedarse hospitalizados hasta sin familia servimos de apoyo al paciente hospitalizado, entre otras cosas que realizo de servicio voluntario. Los felicito de corazón por esta noble iniciativa. Un abrazo y muchas bendiciones! Al fin...

It's really great that you're supporting charitable foundations. It really deserves appreciations. I joined steemit from Bangladesh in 2017. I have been helping children in remote areas of Bangladesh with educational materials since 2018. So that young children do not stop studying. You must know about Bangladesh. You will also be aware of the situation here in Bangladesh . We also carried out an awareness campaign during this epidemic. I will put the link of the video made in the campaign, you can watch.

2 ➡ https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2586665564987634&id=100009326480326

Covid 19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. Many people are suffering from lack of food at this time. So we wanted to do something for them. And we did💪.





We will also provide links to the posts we have helped children with in school. You can come and see.

1➡ https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2376205026028438&id=100009168908970

2➡ https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2271496329832642&id=100009168908970

3 ➡ https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2213814668934142&id=100009168908970

If you have enough time, just take a look. We do not post all pictures publicly. Because you know, not everyone's time goes the same way. Some people once had a good time, now it's bad. So we never make their pictures public.

Thank you very much for taking such an great initiative❤🙏

So great you do this. Congrats two both charity organizations. Great to hear you didn't give up on Steemit. 👍🏻💕

Hi @steemcurator01, i have updated a new diary as following, I tried to re-organise things in my home and found my very old video console by accident which make me thinking about my very good memroy in colleage, please enjoy


nice initiative

How, in what way, will you - Steemit Inc. - specifically support charities?

Please, provide concrete data and numbers, dates, proof of charity donation. Thank you very much.


Using the beneficiary system on posts means rewards go direct to the accounts being supported.

Hi, @steemitblog, this will be my first Diary Game. It was about my daily life during our school holiday. I hope you will like it. https://steemit.com/wherein/@tsuki0721/20200529t123709537z

I have been here for 4 years and you block me? Fucking crybabies why didn’t you reply and have a conversation? Grow a backbone....

The best thing we can do is good.

The Steemit Inc team is keen to do good.

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Justin Sun can copy code and buyout existing companies but he can never force free people to become his slaves.

孙宇晨(Justin Sun)可以复制代码并收购现有公司,但他永远不能强迫自由的人成为他的奴隶。

저스틴 선 (Justin Sun)은 코드를 복사하고 기존 회사를 매입 할 수는 있지만 자유인을 강제로 노예로 만들 수 없습니다.

Justin Sunはコードをコピーして既存の企業を買収することができますが、自由な人々に彼の奴隷になることを強制することはできません。