100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 78 - Friday Challenge - How Much Does Your Shopping Cost?

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As we head towards the end of Season 1 of the 100 Days of Steem we like to keep the interest up with a wide variety of challenges.

Today we want to know how much your shopping costs!

Today’s Challenge : How Much Does Your Shopping Cost?

If you’ve been following many of the participants in The Diary Game you will have seen a number of them include details of their grocery shopping. What they buy and how much it costs.

We love this type of detailed information. It brings more reality and more interest to the diary posts… and more points!

This gave us the idea for today’s challenge.

We would like you to give us a breakdown of your average weekly shopping.

What do you buy? Which brands? How much does it cost?

Include the weights or package sizes, and the cost in your local currency and ideally also in US dollars and STEEM / SBD to allow for easier comparison.

Your shopping can include general groceries - like bread, eggs, butter, cheese, vegetables, fruit, rice, tea, coffee - and any other items you regularly buy.

It would also be very interesting to include gasoline / petrol, and utilities like water and electricity.

Include photographs of the products, separately or collectively.

Also include information about any products that have become difficult to get hold of because of the Covid-19 pandemic. And of any big price increases.

It will be great also if you can include details of the shops you buy from - locations and photographs if possible.

This will be the first Steem Global Shopping Survey!

The posts can be in any language. Remember to include the tag #the100daysofsteem.

Make sure you put a link to your post in the comments below.

This challenge will run until next Thursday, June 25th.

During the week we will be reading all the posts and rewarding as many as possible with upvotes from the 3 million SP @steemcurator01 account.

Last Week’s Challenge Top Picks

It was very interesting going through all your ‘Find A Local Charity’ posts. These are a few that particularly caught our eye...

We are still on the lookout for more charities to join Steem for support and promotion. If you know any that you can onboard to Steem make a post about them, tag @steemcurator01 and drop a link in a comment on one of the 100 Days of Steem posts.

We hope you will enjoy this challenge.

It should be really interesting to compare shopping prices around the world.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

Please note, the posts must be your own original work and not published elsewhere. All images used must be either your own, or copyright free with sources quoted.

And in Other News...

Community Curator Applications Close on Sunday

June 21st is the last day to submit your application to become a Community Curator for July...

The Diary Game - Tips For Success

Keen Diary Game player @randulakoralage has produced a great post with tips to produce better diaries...

To encourage participants in the Diary Game to help each other, we are now going to be giving extra votes to people who leave comments on diary posts with constructive and useful improvement tips.

Bounty for Guide to the Community Feature

We are still looking for people to produce guides on how to set up and use the Community feature on Steem.

We are setting aside a Bounty Pool of at least 500 STEEM to be shared between those who help with the taks.

We are looking for a professional level guide so this task might suit a collaborative effort between a tech/writer and a visual layout designer.

The guide would be produced as one or more posts on Steemit.com.

The work can be done in any language as it will be translated.

If you are interested in taking on this task, put a comment below, tag @steemcurator01 and include a link to anything similar you have produced before.

The rewards from this post go to support the work of @littledisciples in Venezuela and @thegreens in Cameroon.

Check out the Steem Charity Day post for more details.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I would like to see Splinterlands move back to the Steem block chain. It started here. Splinterlands adds value to the block chain it is on and most importantly Steem and Splinterlands are stronger together (I would like to see Steem become larger than Facebook)

Right now the Splinterlands team are looking for investors and a lead investor who will get a seat on their board of directors. I think Justin Sun is a perfect fit for this and could begin to bring back SL to Steem from this perch.

If you feel this way to please get word to JS and maybe we can get this ball rolling :) My understanding is one of the reasons they left is due to lack of communication from the new steemit team.


I think this is an excellent idea @dreamryder007... There was a lot of negativity in the split between HIVE and Steem, but that is now the past. I think you are right that the Devs should be approached and it would be a very smart move if JS were to personally get involved.

What that game did is amazing, it held most of my friends together while the old Steem ran many people off. While HIVE may have the game right now, I think the Devs would be certainly be smart to communicate and look at all their options. The game is successful right now, but with real support it could be mainstream. That would benefit both the Devs and the blockchain, and the people that figure that out first will be true winners!

Good job at bringing this up and fwiw, you have my support on your mission!!! :)


Welcome brother :)


What did I miss that put the "negativity and split between HIVE and Steem" in the past?


time...ie its dying down as people move on imo (thankfully)


I also would like to see some communication (not sure if there was any, or there were some but not enough) between Splinterlands and Steem Inc.


Completely agree... Big mistake imo... But it can be easily fixed too. Just takes a few phone calls!


We would be interested to know @aggroed and @yabapmatt's thoughts on this.

We would always be open to discussion.


They always said they are open to communication and thought it was strange that JS bought steem and never contacted the BIGGEST dapp not only on chain but in the entire crypto market!!! If you have any way to get this info. to JS people and have someone high up on his team start communications with them, JS could still end up with the LARGEST dapp in the crypto market bringing people to his chain (Steem)! They are always on there discord and can be reached easily enough from there (it is listed on all of there Splinterlands / Steem Monster posts).

Hi @steemitblog

I invited a person into our Diary game. Could you support her work little bit?
It's very important for inspiration))))
Her post



Could you support her work little bit?

Done! :)




Supported also :)


Thank you for bringing @galca to the diary game. It was a very good post.

Do please encourage her to post some more.

Hi @steemitblog, my diary

My diary, Monday, June 20, 2020, Rajyat Market.
Today, Saturday, June 20, 202... https://steempeak.com/the100daysofsteem/@f21steem/my-diary-monday-june-20-2020-rajyat-market

Thank you, @steemcurator01 @steemitblog

Good evening @steemitblog and @steemcurator01, I've decided to do a contest. I would like to count on your support in view of the opportunities offered by this publication.

This contest is a series of crossword puzzles made by me, and I would like to offer a single prize to the winner. Or if you see better depending on what you can offer me a certain percentage of votes for the first three answers.

I have not published it at the moment without having a sure answer from you and the support you can give me to offer a prize to those who want to participate.

Thank you for the opportunities, I look forward to your answers.

Hi curators, here's my diary for thediarygame dated 2020/06/20 Thank you.

Sorry to bother, this is my diary game. One of them will be settled within a few hours, if you can, please check it as soon as possible, thank you.

The diary game 2020.06.13 https://steemit.com/wherein/@vickyli/wherein-1592048587348-s

The diary game 2020.06.14 https://steemit.com/wherein/@vickyli/wherein-1592132075499-s

The diary game 2020.06.15 https://steemit.com/wherein/@vickyli/wherein-1592224227562-s

The diary game 2020.06.16 https://steemit.com/wherein/@vickyli/wherein-1592295704168-s

The disry game 2020.06.17 https://steemit.com/wherein/@vickyli/wherein-1592379842328-s

The diary game 2020.06.18 https://steemit.com/wherein/@vickyli/wherein-1592473307894-s

The diary game 2020.06.19 https://steemit.com/wherein/@vickyli/wherein-1592537512616-s

What about clothing and skincare products?? We can make posts including any type of products right?

Good job @steemitblog and all steem curators. This is really the place to be, and thank you for the amazing initiatives and your continuous support and encouragement in upvotes.

Dear steermit,
THe following link is my diary game on Jun 19.Thanks!

[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Dear steemit,this is entry my diary game on JUN 20.Thanks!


[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Great challenge indeed: How much does you shopping cost? Thanks to all those who were able to take part in the Find a local charity." I say congratulations to them all. We continue grow in our numbers and more awesome of onboarding of new users into Steem , and reviving the dormant steemians are underway: stay tune Guys!

Hey @steemcurator01 ,

Hindi translation is ready :- 100 दिन STEEM : दिन 78 - Friday Challenge - How Much Does Your Shopping Cost?

Beneficiaries :- charities (@littledisciples & @thegreens )
Post promoters (@alokkumar121 , @rajan1995 & @amit1995 )

Consider upvoting as one upvote is doing so many things

Me encanta este desafío de compras, por ahora dejó mi diario del 19 de junio

Buenas... Aca esta mifiario del dia de ayer... por motivos de fallas en el sistema elctrico en mi ciudad no pude publicarlo ayer...
Espero sea de su agrado...
Hasta la próxima...

I've literally been eating beans and rice for 2 months now lol. That way I can save money and buy Crypto. Yes, I'm that hardcore! I only spent around $80 cad which is less than $60 USD.


Well that is about the daily menu for nearly half the population in Honduras perhaps you can add boiled green bananas or tortillas and perhaps an egg every now and then, except they aren't hard core, they are just poor.

That might be very colourful challenge and also would be interesting what is the commonest food people buy :)

@steemitblog and @steemcurator01 please find our weekly report for this week:


Hello, @steemitcurator01 and steemitblog

I have some pending posts, could you take a look at them?

Thank you!

The Diary Game - 13/6/2020


The Diary Game - 17/6/2020



Ella era venezolana y vivia en el estado Bolívar donde nosotros somos lamentable perdida


Así mismo es, mientras estudiaba Vivió allá... Super lamentable perdida... :( Oriunda de Cantaura Estado Anzoategui.

Hi @steemitblog, please do a contest where participants can talk about coronavirus in their region. What measures are being taken by the authorities, how people relate to this, friends whom the author personally knows could become infected. Hot topic that excites many. I would even read all the posts of the participants, and then did a review post



A review post (and link to steemit.com) can also be popular on social networks.

Thanks @steemitblog and Steem curators for amazing The Diary Game and your support!


look into this sh*t doing account
only annoying downvoting activities !

get rid of this ! plz !


What is the Steem account name?

Many thanks once again for the great work been done for the blockchain, here is my entry; https://steemit.com/the100daysofsteem/@nattybongo/100-days-of-steem-day-78-friday-challenge-how-much-does-your-shopping-cost

Also, i have not been able to post for quite a while because i was having some issues at home however i just went through the steem charity post i was hoping you could take a look at the project i run with my friends in providing free eye care to people in deprived communities and villages. We have embarked on lots of outreaches and have partnered with lot of local organizations to render services to people. All our updates can be found on our fundition platform. The community started from steemit and we do not have any other social media platforms, our support came solely from the blockchain and our own pockets and we did not charge for services rendered. Unfortunately with the advent of the pandemic we had to halt all activities and our account was powered down to support team members however now that things are looking better hopefully we would be able to get back into helping others soon.; https://fundition.io/#!/@bettervision/ybby7ynsy

Hola amigos aca les dejo mi diario de hoy sabado 20-06-20

Saludos y mucho exito

Dear steemit,
THe following link is my diary game on Jun 20.Thanks!

[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Buenas... aca dejo mi diario del dia de hoy...
espero este a la altura de las circunstancias...
Hasta la próxima...

Hello @steemitblog @steemcurator01, here is my entry of How Much Does Your Shopping Cost challenge


Thanks Friends

Dear Steemit Team.

Here is my entry for this initiative.

I am from Venezuela I hope you like my post.


Thanks for the support! @steemcurator01 @steemitblog

This is a link to my weekly shopping expense challenge, thank you.

Hola amigos, aca les dejo mi participacion en el reto de las compras

Saludos y mucho exito para todos.

Hello Steemit team, here is the entry to my post for Today's charllenge for shopping cost, thank you.

HEY @steemcurator01

Here is my entry in this contest:- How much my shopping costs - challenge by @steemitboard

Late but consider it pls

Hi steemit team @steemcurator01☕️
This is my shopping activities link entry,thanks💗


I will love to take part in the guiding people for the community part of guiding the newbies so do consider me.

Hai @steemitblog dan @steemcurator01. Ini entri saya untuk tantangan ini (Friday Challenge). Post saya ini sudah berusia 5 hari.


Mohon kesediaan anda untuk memeriksanya, terima kasih atas perhatian anda.

Hi this is my entry to the challenge for shopping cost.
There is only one day this post will get settle, please kindly vote for me. Many thanks.

[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Hi @ steemcurator01 can you please see my posts