Lil' Beanie & Farmer Tim's Sheep Paint the Town Brown

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When a child is left alone too much,
Trouble it will brew
I'll tell you a tale about a boy with a hat,
And things he did with Sheep, and poo...

Beanie started off,
As a child like any other
Though he ended up being raised alone,
Because of the bingo addiction of his Mother.

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She left him alone,
Day after day
And because of his social problems,
The other kids would never play.

Poor Lil' Beanie

Why does everyone ignore me he cried,
Even when I pull their hair,
When I talk about their vaginas
And throw old ladies down the stairs

They're still just playing without me!
Pretending I'm not there
I better hatch a big plan fast,
They're making Beanie disappear...

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He found his police man costume,
So no one would know it was him
Drove as fast as power wheels could go,
To the homestead of Farmer Tim.

"Oh no Beanie's coming"
Said the frightened sheep
Fluffy was by far the most terrified,
His butt still hurt from the visit last week!

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Never fear my wooly friends, Bean said,
I'm not here for that kind of play
I'm gonna open up this gate,
Go destroy the town today!

And they tried...
But after all they are only sheep.
So not even one child, or adult cried...

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I've got to hatch a better plan,
And I've got to hatch it now
How can I make everyone play with me?
I've got it. I'll paint the town brown!

He got on his little trike,
And attached it to a cart
Started collecting the sheep manure,
Felt a swelling in his heart

I will cover every square inch of this town in Manure!

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And sadly for @beaniesanders,
As the story for him always goes
Folks just look on with pity
And admire the way their garden grows...

Thank you for the Fertilizer!

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