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A member of ours, @gniksivart, used to do a series called 'Buried Treasures'. That was an effort highlighting and taking over the former 'Lost & Found' section of the old 'Notes' issues. I think this is still something we need. This is a big frign place and it's only going to get bigger so we have to keep track of and take care of our own. That's what families do. So in these issues, that have no specific time frames at the moment, I'm going to mention some of your allies that I feel are undervalued and not appreciated as they should be.

#thealliance @a11y a&a.png


This young woman has been with us for quite some time. The vast majority of her posts entail poetry and it really is quite good. In fact, I think she has won more of @rumplestiltskin's Killer 📖Poetry💻Contests than anyone else. I think anyway. I've seen her name up there several times. So, she is quite active here on Steemit, and I admire that. I also appreciate the chance of crossing paths and chatting with her in discord. Did you know that she was one of the first graduates of our initial mentoring program? She was right behind @armshippie and @moeknows. Yes, she's put in the work fam. Stop in and visit.


Once There Was An UsThe Cabin by the Lake


This lady has been very supportive of the family and I personally really appreciate that. I can not imagine how frustrating it must be to try and gain traction in a predominantly English speaking ocean. Yes, she is one of our fantastic Latino family members. She does try to bridge the gap by posting in both English and Spanish and I admire that. Truth be told, she is probably THE MOST UNDERVALUED photographer we have in #thealliance. I ask that you take some time and stop in and check out her work.


Bless Situations in Your LifeThat's Right There!


Of the UAE nonetheless! I love how Steemit spans the globe and brings so many different cultures together. Mr Neil is a prime example of that. I admire that he is immersing himself in @mariannewest's freewrite challenges. They definitely hone a person's mind and skills. I also appreciate how dedicated and consistent he is to the family and the platform. I encourage all of you to stop in and read his interesting twists to the prompts given that he expands on. They really are quite amusing!


Witches - 5 Minute FreewriteThe Syrup Cake

And So

You can expect to see more of these in the future. I ask that you reserve your votes for them and refrain from voting on this post. This is just to make you aware and nudge you to reach out to them. We are a family and, well, Stitch said it best:

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Recharging my upvote, the worlds worst at that I am. Two weeks plus still barely breaking 80% VP. Between that and not being able to find my own posts in my blog for all the resteems - I must be the worlds most useless Steemit ever. A few new to enjoy here, I know @ mr-neil well but have not visited for some time - just so busy nowadays! Take care - I'm off to destroy my VP a little more...

Es bueno que alguien recuerde al talento de otros... apreciar es un arte que no todos dominamos a veces... Un gran saludo