Admiration & Appreciation II

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Because I Do

Admire and appreciate each and all of you. There was a curation section in the old 'Notes' issues highlighting some allies called the 'Lost & Found'. I think this is still something we need. This is a big frign place and it's only going to get bigger so we have to keep track of and take care of our own. That's what families do. So in these issues, that have no specific time frames at the moment, I'm going to mention some of your allies that I feel are undervalued and not appreciated as they should be.

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If you are looking for some good philosophical discussions, you should hop on over here! Or, better yet, if you just need a break and are looking for some light-hearted banter to make you smile, you can find that here too. Ann has a kind spirit and gentle soul. I admire that she has been an ally and family member of ours for quite awhile. I know you see her out here commenting and supporting everyone so I think she deserves to be returned the favor and I really appreciate the support on both sides. She has been on Steemit closing in on a year, so deserves a little respect. I thank you for your constant support Ann.
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He's been with us for a while as well ladies and lads. A little more impersonal in his posts, which may be why he doesn't get as much interaction. But, really admire the ones on cryptocurrencies as they are very well put together. Please don't overlook this guy's knowledge. He also has a love for contests and lately, has been entering in several logo contests. I appreciate that he's been real supportive of the family and think he should get that love returned so - stop in say hello and get to know him a bit :)
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Who loves great photography? Who doesn't, right? Now, who likes a thousand words attached to it? He has a wonderful knack to express the thousand words each of his pictures are worth. Not many people can do that and so, I admire that. Fairly newer to the family, I find that I am appreciating the genuine comments that come from them. I think all of you would enjoy his posts so hop on over and spread some love :)
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Know That

You can expect to see more of these in the future. I ask that you reserve your votes for them and refrain from voting on this post. This is just to make you aware and nudge you to reach out to them. We are a family and, well, you know:


With High Regards:

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This is a great thing to do and we'll deserved by those who are undervalued, and good to mention them and to make us aware sometimes it's easy to miss and I feel bad that I honestly do.
Thank you for doing this 🤗 as always cares about us all. 💕


No one left behind :) Most welcome hun.

Always looking out for others #thealliance is the best! 👍😎 I'm following @annhoyblog but not coinstar and dj. I need to do a better job no excuses. Thanks @enginewitty for all you do


And thank you for being as supportive as you are! I believe @inthenow just posted a list of all our members and the support accounts. Bet that took him a minute! Might recognize several on that list buddy.

Very good call my friend, these are just a few of the many that need a little more coverage then they are the moment. It's getting harder to keep up with so many people and so much content to enjoy - it's easy to miss more then you see. I know my buddy @hangin keeps plugging away but does not always get the attention he deserves with super posts like this abandoned graveyard and also this uniion station railyard by @dabeckster
If only we could make a few more extra hours in the day....


Is it possible to add even just 2 hours to a day? So we can steemit more?! I'm just missing so many great pieces....


More good quality family members you mentioned. Since we're talking photographers, I'd like to point out @victorbz as well. Stunning black & whites that guy!


True that, I love him does some amazing photography. Honestly though - I just went down the post using #TheAlliance - incredible content, so many amazing posts I wish I could just spend every single hour of the day going through each and every one of them!

We definitely need to make sure we are taking care of our own! Thanks for putting together this curation for #thealliance. I am going to go check out their posts now.


Thank you sweets 😁

Thank you for the kind words! I really appreciate that you included me and it was a nice surprise.