Admiration & Appreciation III

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Because I Do

Admire and appreciate each and all of you. You are all unique in your styles and capabilities. There was a curation section in the old 'Notes' issues highlighting some allies called the 'Lost & Found'. I think this is still something we need. This is a big frign place and it's only going to get bigger so we have to keep track of and take care of our own. That's what families do. So in these issues, that have no specific time frames at the moment, I'm going to mention some of your allies that I feel are undervalued and not appreciated as they should be.


Angelo is fairly new to the family and I think @c0ff33a would agree, is extremely undervalued on his posts. I admire the marvelous photography coming from this fellow. Perhaps it's because he lives in Thailand that there is a gap between communicating with him on a regular basis as compared with the rest of the fam. But that doesn't matter does it? Let's get out there and show some appreciation for this guy!
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Say hello to my 'Cybermom'! Nina has been an avid supporter and family member for a long time. I've been an admirer of hers since the pre-syndicate era. Another spectacular photographer that we have in our midst and I highly encourage you to visit her posts and enjoy the 'witty' banter she throws out. I know she reads posts too, because her comments are just amazing. I really appreciate them and know others do too.
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Definitely been seeing this sweetheart around more lately and I admire that you are engaging with the family. Red came through the schoolyard and accepted guidance gladly and is a wonderful Steempeep in my opinion. She takes some great photos and writes well too! I really appreciate seeing your comments on fellow family members' posts. They are quite sincere. Stop in and show her some love, fam!
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You can expect to continue seeing these in the future. I ask that you reserve your votes for them and refrain from voting on this post (less you just can't help yourself :P). This is just to make you aware and nudge you to reach out to them. We are a family and, well, you know:


With my thanks:

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Thanks so much for the mention @a11y. I am humbled and pleased to be in the company of such wonderful caring peeps. Love you all. 🤗😍😘❤️

@hangin is by far and away the best poster that never get the appreciation he deserves - amazing posts and I just wish I had the extra time to view more of them. And you are spot on with @Ninahaskin and @redheadpei two great posters who share wonderful content. I struggled to remember in the last post @captainklaus - amazing photography although I believe he has embarked on another massive trip so will not be around for a while. I of course could not resist upvoting this one 100%, after all the extra SP will benefit me when those regular upvotes hit up my posts again 🚀

I was in the same Class and the Playground with @redheadpei. Really a very good person and a great producer of Content here at Steemit :)


Hi Robert @robertandrew. Nice to connect again. Thanks for the kind comments. We made great friends in the playground and had some awesome teachers with @katrina-ariel and @topkpop (head mistress)-not sure of username spelling.. ❤️

Thank you so much @a11y for the shout out, the love, support and always going the extra mile for us minnow Alliance members!!! You're appreciated more than you realize! ♡