So Far So Good!

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First off, thank you @yabapmatt for making this a fluid transition. You all should consider giving him a vote for witness. Secondly, thank you all the allies that have decided to give @a11y a ride! Let me know what you think so far in the comments! According to Steem World, he is hitting at $0.36 SBD per vote. There are currently 23 people on the list so that's once every 2 days. That's roughly $5.60 SBD coming to you marvelous peoples each month. Not bad eh? Starting tomorrow, I will have another 500 SP returned to me driving the value up to $0.44 SBD per vote which equals $6.60 per month. That is a success in my data banks.

How Do I work?

I have the same basic design as our beloved Mother Ship. With the kind help of witness @yabapmatt, I've been tweeked in a few areas to give me a little more efficiency as I am boots on the ground and I will list those for you below. As she sails the skies and protects us from above, so too, am I patroling the land and assisting us from below. I hope you like pancakes!! ;)


Activation Codes For @a11y

  • Vote heavy on this post because you love me.
  • Send me 5 STEEM (one month of wicked voting rounds)
  • Delegate 100 SP (votes for life) - delegate by CLICKING HERE
  • Be sure delegations &/or STEEM is going to the letter 'A', number one '1', number one '1', letter 'Y' = @a11y

Boots On The Ground

As #thealliance grows, so must we find new ways to take care of our family the best we can. Help me take care of everyone and support your new super-soldier. I am loving blasting the ever living fire of your posts and helping this family grow in strength. Love you guys! See you on the flipside.

from the desk and with blessings from

#thealliance @enginewitty & @michaeldavid.png

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Love the gifs!

He's a badass!

Whew! Cool @a11y! I shall get mine over to you in a bit. :D

What a great initiative. Truly, every day they worry more about the welfare of our great family. I really like the character of @ a11y, A great warrior transformer ajja

Wishing us all the very best. Thank You @ally, @enginewitty, and @michaeldavid.

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have just been defended with a 17.99% upvote!
I was summoned by a11y. I have done their bidding and now I will vanish…

P.S. If you or anyone you know has been a victim of @grumpycat please know that he has been harming people throughout Sōsharumedia (ソーシャルメディア). Stealing the service that I (and other bots) have provided them and hiding behind a facade of stopping bid bot abuse which he clearly has no interest in.
Sneaky Ninja is a very responsible bot, working directly with steemcleaners, actively pursuing spam and abuse on our platform. If you would like to see what steps Sneaky Ninja has taken to fight bid bot abuse see this post and this post. Also know that I am working daily on other solutions.
If you would like to know my personal take on bid bot abuse and why I do not agree with the 3.5 day rule, see this post

Grumpycat is a villain that must be stopped to protect our freedoms here on steemit!

resist grumpycat
There is a resistance that has formed to counter his tyranny.

If you would like to take an active role in stopping this menace and helping other victims like yourself...
Learn More Here

I have also summoned my love, Kusari to offer some limited help to victims like you.
See Here

Glad we have a great warrior in this big community . im so thankful.

I am just seeing this for the first time. I will must lucky jump on the ship on sunday evening after reading a little more. Your post is written very well and has lots of great information. Thanks :)

Sounds good. Will give Ally a go. Send 5 steem @ally.

@enginewitty. I’ve send my 5 steam to the wrong a11y. I send it to @ally. Can this be recovered and send to the right one?


Thanks for your generosity for helping me out with this @enginewitty. You had noted in the post the 2 l’s in Thealliance’s a11y are ones (11) but somehow my 🧠 couldn’t comprehend.