Sorry Guys - Still Sick - Creatives Coffee Hour Will Be Cancelled Again This Week

2년 전

Hi all! Just a quick check-in. You may have noticed I haven't been around much lately. In fact...when I sat down to my computer I had to actually dust it off. LOL!

I haven't left the platform...GOD FORBID!... I have been having what my husband calls "A Lemmony Snicket". First I had some sort of flu or something and then my tooth infection resurfaced and intensified. I think the drugs are doing the trick but I'm still not the greatest. That being said I think I need to go back to bed so Creatives Coffee Hour will be canceled today.

I hope you are all doing well and I can't wait to hear about Steemfest and the adventures in Poland. I wonder how @mrprofessor is making out with his travels?

Hugs to you all!!

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Soup for you! Hope you feel better soon, sweetie! 🤗


Hope you get to feeling better soon sweets. As for @mrprofessor, I know he was supposed to meet up with @soyrosa and @katrina-ariel for lunch but didn't show :(


heyho, I met with @soyrosa exactly on the night I was already feeling sick. She saw how sleepy I was due to what turned out to be a 39°C fever that put me down for good. It still hurts that I didn't meet @katrina-ariel, but it'll happen eventually!

Take care of you! I came home from Poland with a cold... and I'm not the only one. I think half of us got sick the last day or so. That time of year, I guess... didn't have anything to do with late nights. ;) Hope you recover soon so we can hear your lovely voice!

Dear @artemisnorth, I only saw this today! Are you feeling better? As for me I also got sick a little before the end of SF3, but I'm much much better now.

Better days for us my friend!

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