There's A Beast On My Bench!


Hi everybody! It's been a minute... or two.

Recently, Limey, my Asus laptop has succumbed to old age and S.R.D. (Spontaneous Rebooting Disorder). She is still hanging in there but it's touch and go. She will be missed.

Luckily my husband was given MANY ugly old c.p.u.'s that were once Lottery Terminals. Surprisingly they were ALL better than my laptop. Go figure!

Enter The BEAST!


I know, it's pretty ugly but it really is convenient. The fan vents out the top of the case and EVERYTHING is on the front. She has 14, yes 14 usb jacks!

Beast and I are still struggling a bit to set up my second monitor but I think a trip to the computer shop on payday will fix that problem. I'm pretty pumped!

It's funny how things play out. Some days I feel a hand on my shoulder because just when I think my my luck has run out a solution appears. Beast isn't a powerhouse but I needed her and we are recycling. Ticks all my boxes!

Now I can complete some projects I've been working on and spend some fun time with my Grand kids playing Fortnite. They have fun teaching me to play and I get to hang with them online. Sometimes technology rocks!

It's almost time for Curation Corner! I'm excited... our guests today are @freedomtowrite and @freedompoint. I love what they are doing with the @theinnerblocks community.

Don't miss the show! . It starts at 1pm est. (in about an hour)

Positivity is inspiring! What positive things have happened for you today? Don't forget to keep your eyes open...somedays you have to pay attention to find it.

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@artemisnorth hah no need for a hub when you got that many USB jacks. Looks like you need an addon video card for two monitors.

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Lol! That's exactly what I did. Thanks for dropping by.

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@artemisnorth are you planning on doing the show again? "The Creatives Coffee House". I heard about it from @thehive and was looking for new shows to tune into.


Not that exactly. ..but I'm planning on doing another show.

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Hi @artemisnorth,
@shadowspub asked me to stop by
She’d like to thank you for presenting this post
at Pimp Your Post Thursday.
She said to send 5 SHADE to your wallet
Visit to see your wallet.

Thank you so much for having us on the show! We had a great time!

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