Such a sexy thing, ain't she!

Round 2 of This Raffle!

Now, you all have another chance to win a Limited Edition 2018 STEEM Silver Round! Yes, Round 2 (and final) of my little raffle series is now underway! You know what to do! It will be 2 SBD per entry (sent to my skimpy wallet) and I will be having the drawings on The 2 Nuts show with @jackmiller in 'The Alliance Castle' in discord on next Tuesday the 18th at 4p.m. CST. Come have some fun and maybe you will win one of the rounds! (Must be present to win!) Check out this lovely stripper for next week's winner:

Get Your Tickets!

Simply send 2 SBD to me - @enginewitty - with the memo STEEM ROUND RAFFLE or something similar. Tickets will be assigned sequentially as they come in. This is perfect for those people that wanted one, but weren't able to get one last year. May luck be with you my peoples!

Entrants so far -


Some Witty Words of Wisdom immortalized by the sweet Miss Kittypedia.

image from the @adsactly-witness blog - vote ADSactly for witness!

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image by @guiltyparties - vote his witness!

Where Do You Stand?

courtesy of @jackmiller - vote his witness!

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@enginewitty, Whoever will win this they will going to bag cool collectible and valuable stuff for sure. Keep up and stay blessed.

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@jackmiller ended up winning 😎

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@jackmiller, Congratulations and have a great time ahead.

@enginewitty, Keep up and stay blessed.

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a sexy coin? i heared a loot of diffrent things get called that.. but a coin, yeah thats new to me LOL but sure, what effer floats your boat ^^
Have a great time with this event :D !


#silverporn all the way - totally sexy😋

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