🤠Cowboy & Indian Day! (Wait, What?)🧢

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Isn't She Cute!

Cuteness overload engaged. She even brought a slight attitude to the picture making her look all the more cowgirl-ish. On Thursday, as part of the fall break festivities, they had 'Cowboy and Indian' day. The school mascot is the 'Brave' and yesterday, on Friday, we had what they call the 'Tomohawk Trot' where people pledge X amount of money per lap for their child to raise money for the school.

Indian Though?

I would think, being a school, that they would be 'politically correct' about that. They could have just dropped the 'Indian' part altogether, especially since (what my friends that are actually from India) call themselves 'browns' and any 'Indian' I know (in the school's poor reference) calls themselves Native American. I know there was a major movement up north to get a lot of that changed, and I'm not saying having grown up on a reservation, that it offends me in a strong repulsive manner. I am saying, you don't see the New York Slaves or New Mexico Niggers or Boston Blacks or even the Washington Whites or Pittsburgh Palefaces.

Maybe someone like @eaglespirit can chime in here, I don't know. But, what are they really saying? Is it a sign of respect? 'Braves' sounds pretty strong, right? But what about less appealing mascot names like, the 'Redskins'? I would love to know where my lovely peoples out there stand on something like this. Personally, I did take a little offense having it be a 'dress-up' day at the school because anyone that knows their history (not the bullshit taught in history books these days) - knows what I'm talking about.

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I was quite shocked to hear you say a school was promoting this as a dress up day. With all pc correctness going on i am simply flabbergasted. But gotta admit she makes a darn tootin cute cowgirl. Much love to you brother


You feel me then hun. Took me for a little loop too and totally, yes! She is a just a peach of a cowboy princess :P

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Yeah, I gotta say (as a privileged white dude), I cringe when I read/hear language like that. But, yeah I prefer to take my lead from the people who it would affect directly.


I think it's an ignorance down south because the Native population is so much lower. People just aren't aware.

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This seems like a pretty strange idea for the schools to be doing. Not sure what it has to do with fall either. Cute photo though 🙂


Don't get me wrong, we all used to play cowboys n Indians growing up lol, just seems odd in today's PC environment to have that as a fun day.

See I grew up in a time where saying cowboys and Indians was acceptable. Maybe the school is just old fashioned in that sense? She is cute tho!!!

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I'm hoping it was all in good fun, and people had fun, no doubt. Just kind of shocking to see in 'today's society'.


Your post about it is kind of refreshing to see someone (or a group / school) not so offended.. One of my favorite movies / books growing up was "The Indian in the Cupboard" I couldn't ever imagine it being called something politically correct.

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She is adorable. I really am surprised they are not pc but I think it shows they feel comfortable that no one is offended. So I think they mean no disrespect. Pittsburgh palefaces. Lol