Happy Father's Day - From a Legend

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A Live Pour

A while back, one of our new family members - @naltedtirt - was playing with some hot silver and pouring it into some new molds he got. There was a dragon and a few others, but the one I liked was this neat bio-hazard symbol. I have been running a clan on XBOX Live for a good ten years called 'Bi0-Digital'. Our insignia is a modified bio-hazard symbol so it struck home. Lo and behold, he actually sent me the sexy beast! Check it out!


This piece is the tits for a couple other reasons. This is actually the first piece I have ever gotten hand poured. So, it holds a special place. It is also declaring what I really am - A Legend. I've been trying to convince that silly raccoon to let me on board for ages because my super powers are too much for any villain. I was once called the Lord of Darkness even, but only because it was misunderstood exactly what it is I am. I am Legend.

2.8 oz Treasure

Thank you Gilded Jack, this is super cool. Never had a personalized piece before and it is also the biggest one in my collection now. Not sure what to say. Hell of a pirate you turning out to be and glad to have met you man. Happy Father's Day to you and all the daddys out there across the chain. Regardless what you do today, REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, even when I'm a Legend.

Some Witty Words of Wisdom immortalized by the sweet Miss Kittypedia.

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That’s so awesome and so you. What a great gift! Happy Father’s Day! 🎉


Thanks love, hope you doin well.

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Now That is a #PirateSunday Pour There Cap'n !!!


Thanks man, was pretty happy too :P



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Always special with personal gifts from friends and this was handmade and stamped with your name 😉👍
Cant get much more personal. I love The witty Legend.. Suits you well 😊
@naltedtirt is amazing and this is such a heavy beauty.
Heaviest I have is 2oz.. This is HUGE and well deserved witty 🤗 you are appriciated and loved by many.
Stack on witty legend ❤️


It's awesome no doubt. Like a baseball heavy I swear.

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A beauty of a pour and really a special price for this Fathers day #piratesunday!!! Thanks for sharing!!

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Thanks for stoppin in! ☠

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Happy daddy's day!

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Happy daddy's day to you!

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Thank you😎

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Nice chunks of Silver - you can’t get more personalized then that! And happy Father’s Day - I hope you got a rest and spoiled for the day.

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Rest a little, spoiled, maybe. Got some new seat covers, a set of copper keg mugs and some concord grape vines.😎

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What an awesome gift! Love that he made something so personal for you! Though we've only recently met, I've already come to know that Naltedtirt is one hell of a funny and kind Steemian.

I suggest sneaking aboard when Rocket is away and moving in all your things. When he returns, he'll be too tired to throw you and your stuff off of the ship.😜

Glad you had such a kickass Father's Day!