What Would You Do Without Your Sight?

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You Wouldn't Be Reading This!

I for one, could not imagine what it would be like to lose my vision. Of all my senses, that is the one I rely on the most. Even more than my hearing, which I use frequently as well. No more sunsets, no more smiles on my kids' faces, no more wicked awesome graphics to be seen, no more sexy women's bodies...not sure I could handle that last one LOL!

Ok, What's Your Point?

A fellow family member and witness has brought something to our attention that requires and is asking for community help. I will also post this on #thealliance account to increase the visibility and add a little to the cause. @guiltyparties DM'd me on discord (guy is a straight shooter btw, go throw him a witness vote) and asked nicely if I would do a post to help out with a veteran that is losing his vision. That's him up there in the picture, @solarparadise.


Hey @saffisara, does that name resonate? Anyway, this veteran can't even post anymore because his sight is fading away. He needs a few operations yet and doesn't have the funding to do it. He needs roughly $2500 USD to get the operation which is considered 'experimental' and being in that category, is not covered by any insurance. The deterioration is so bad, he will most likely even need a whole new eye before it's all said and done.

What Can You Do?

As in most cases with a fundraiser, there are multiple ways you can help. You can smash the fire out of that upvote and resteem button for starters, as all the SBD generated by this post will be sent to him upon payout. They also have a Go Fund Me page set up you can visit and donate to by tapping or clicking here. You can also simply send him some SBD or STEEM directly. Bobby's account is @solarparadise, tell him we all hope everything works out for the best!


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Done and done and doing hugs


Thanks hun :)

We really need better healthcare for all!!


Take a page from Canada's book maybe?

Hope my vote helps. Thanks for doing this him, very kind of you. 💚


Do what and when I can. It may not end up amounting to much, but every little bit helps.

Hell, I will help out on this post as well as the other one. Anything for a good Veteran like this :)

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and I really hope he gets enough to do what's needed for his eye. Done and done and I will send him some sbd and hope it takes him a little closer... I almost lost my vision once but I was lucky to get my vision back after 3 days...
Another thing to be grateful for that we take for granted... Vision.
Big 🤗 to you for that big ❤️ of yours!

I've Upvote the little I have and resteem, I hope the operation goes well with him.

You certainly can't miss the one, it's blowing up all over Steemit. And quite rightly so, it has to be hard for anyone to imagine living without the ability to see anything. Good luck to Bobby - hopefully he will get the funding he needs so desperately.


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Sorry for .....
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Espero que todo sea un éxito y puedas recuperar la visión, me llegan tantos casos parecidos a mi trabajo, el Centro de Atención al deficiente visual y Ciego que me imagino el sentimiento que tienes. Animo que todo saldrá bien.