Two Peas, Same Boat.

4개월 전

We are on the same boat LOL :D And I want to say thanks for being a friend, and being you. Yeah, in the beginning... that was funny! Still makes laugh when I think about it. :)

Like you said in the video it is always nice to have an ear when you need it without any hesitation, and keeping it real.

And if you are looking for a friend, Snook is top notch. Although she has little patience for BS, so keep that in mind, LMAO! :D

I hope that you are having a good day!

Peace Out!

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I can't figure out if you are being sweet or sucking up but I think that is how the realworld operates. haha. Agreed Snook ain't bad :) !tip 1


Ahahahaha :D That's funny! And yeah, she ain't half bad agreed! TY Sir. ;)


Indeed! But let's not let her know that, don't want @snook getting a reputation! :D

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