🤪Lost My First Tooth!!!

3년 전

OMG Dad, Dad, Dad!
Luna lost her tooth!

Say what now?

She was eating a sucker and it popped out of her mouth!

Dad, Dad, Dad!
I lost my first tooth!
I was eating a sucker and it popped out of my mouth!

Daddy - I foun toot

Ya Freya picked it up when it popped out dad.
It's still bleeding.
Do I get a treat?
Will the tooth fairy come visit tonight?
And give me some moneys?

Lemme put it in a bag for ya, hang on.

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A very cute post! :)

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Awww... Loosing your very first tooth is a BIG deal 😁 lol
Sweet Luna is getting so big now, and I love the Little plastic bag and hope the fairy comes.
Love little Freya... I found the toot 😘 so adorable... Thank you for sharing and Congrats on your first tooth!
Happy 1year anniversary on steem to 🎉🎊

Congratulations Luna hope the tooth fairy brought you something nice 💯🐒

Congratulations! That is awesome! 😃

found it in #pypt discord
for sure the tooth will be replaced with a beautiful one..

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BAZINGA! Another milestone down. Good thing you didn't eat it!

Your Dad shared this on P.Y.P.T.! Great job Luna!


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