Guess what my kid made contest! Win all SBD from this post.

2년 전

I think it's time to bring back this fun contest!

For people that haven't participated before it's quite simple, I'll post a photo of some strange looking piece of art my kids made and you guess what the heck it is!

Sometimes I'll give hints and clues and sometimes I won't. If someone guesses right they win the price, if more than 1 guess right they split it and if no one guesses right, I will draw a random entry to pick my favorite guess.

I'll announce the winner in a new post once this one pays out!

The Prize

This week I'm going to offer all the SBD that this post pays out. Might be a little, might be a lot, you decide... lol.

The Art


It's so obvious what that is I'm not even gonna give a hint. Actually it's likely damn hard to figure out, good luck!

Just guess in the comments what this thing is?

Footer by @bearone

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Ginger man cookie 🍪



Ginger man cookie

Maybe it's Hello Kitty.

it is an easter bunny

Peppermint Butler from Adventure Time.

Easter egg

A fat person with zits named Kelly.


Hahaha ... tha’t funny lol

Or peppy pig lol

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Clearly it's the Royal Australian Mint's Southern Sky $5 silver coin coming to life so that it can play. Can't fault the kid for miscounting the number of stars.

Either that or a cookie.

That's easy ... its the Man in the Moon!

Well, at first quick glance I thought ladybug, but they don't have blue dots. It has arms and legs and I assume blue eyes so I would say a person. I would say a picture of mommy! Sorry, mom!

It’s gotta be the muffin man! The muffin man? Yes, the muffin man! Blueberry muffin man to be exact!

It looks like a paint palette with a paint brush tucked in it and a pair of legs out the bottom as well. To me anyway.

I just got finished watching some old Boss Ross videos so that explains why I think it looks like that.

Got to be the Easter bunny bringing all the children the chocolate eggs

Its a moon man or an iceman.

Oh look at that .... it's pacman !

I'll just say the moon..

It is a Cookie Man.

A choco-chip cookie man.

Olaf? From Frozen?

Ooh look at that .. an iceman

Well it's you of course! I can see the resemblance. Thanks for the fun.

I am the Egg Man. Goo goo ca choo.

of course it is a cat!

I would say SpongeBob !

Have a nice day!