We are our own enemies


Have you thought about why you were not able to do a certain thing you would have liked to, like take a trip to a place, all alone so that you could have some 'me time'?

Have you wanted to buy yourself a gift but never did so because you denied yourself and have you restricted yourself from talking to an important personality you met at a conference?

The above are just examples of how we deny ourselves opportunities in life and time goes by.

Why does this happen?

It is because we are our own enemies.

We are afraid of our limitations.

We doubt our capabilities.

We fear rejection and refusal.

We put others' preferences above ours (which is good for some times but not all times).

Fears take hold of our minds and make us a slave to doubt and illusion. That fear restricts our progress in life and thus deny ourselves many good chances in life.

What do we do about it?

Past is gone and the future we do not know but the present moment is the truth and we have to act instead of just being held back because of fear.

Come what may, we have to face it and so, why not take a step forward and be brave enough to try at least instead of just shying away and getting lost in the crowd.

Think about it.

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written by @sayee for @thealliance


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very well said ,,,

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Mariusz Duda of Riverside wrote a song along these lines that I love, which was included on their studio album Love, Fear and the Time Machine, and is called Discard Your Fear.



Wonderful quote by Frankl, by the way. A wise and amazing man.