Application for #thealliance - AMA

4년 전


  1. How did you find #thealliance?
    I found out about it in a post recently about Steemit communities, by way of following @TheWritersBlock.

  2. Why do I want to be here?
    I love the idea behind Steemit, but I dislike that it's being corrupted by people making quick & bad posts in order to make a fast dollar. I dislike the bid-bot economy. By networking with The Alliance and other communities, I can improve Steemit with higher quality content, and make valuable personal connections in those communities. Those connections will give me a resource to test and improve my own abilities.

  3. What can I contribute as a member?
    I want to improve the world, just a little bit at a time. I have already written high-quality informative articles, and will continue to do so. Furthermore, I am multi-lingual and an advocate for language learning and internationalization. My native tongue is English, and I speak/read/write Esperanto somewhat fluently, and have started a course teaching it on Steemit. I've been studying French for many years, and I have some minimal knowledge of Spanish from two years of it in high school 30+ years ago. I have done much work in the Esperanto Wikipedia. I have leadership skills, by recently being an officer in two in-person clubs. I believe in the Oxford Comma.

  4. What is your favorite color?
    Blue. No, wait... it's green!


(Photo credit, me - CC-BY - Grainy video capture of me entertaining a crowd doing magic, mind-reading, and psychic stuff!)

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Good post or should I say Application, @yekrats. You sound like a capable writer and also a team player as well.

I am sure they will see that.
Cheers :)

Not qualified!


You didn't make the cut? There are good groups out there!


Thanks. The Alliance turned me down, but it's other communities' gain. I've joined a couple of other good groups, so I'm no longer interested in the Alliance at this time!


Great attitude! I am helping a friend start a new group helping minnows, we will deny nobody.