1st April 2021 - Dairy game post - #78


Hey all welcome everyone to my dairy game post. Today in this blog I am going to explain about what happened to me and what I did and what I had?. Let's get started.


As usual, today morning I woke up around 7 o clock but I went to walking and saw my old school mate I talked to him without noticing the time. Later I went to home and I got shocked to see the time was 8 o clock. I started to take bath and left the home without having the morning breakfast.

Yeah you are guessing right. I started to go for bakery and had some snacks to quinch my hunger.


Later I went to finish my job which i left yesterday. During noon time I realized that I didn't brought the luch box to have my lunch. My stomach started to raised sounds of burp. What can I do again went outside to had something to stop my hunger mouth. You can see that in above image brought some fruits and it's juice and again went back to work. We did our work around 5 O clock then my senior called me to have something because he was feeling hungry.


I again went back to there and had some snack you can see that in image that lemon tilo 100 ml anlong with the egg puff. I usually drink the coffee along with this puff but today I tried different. And I went to home around 7 O clock in evening.


As I reached home today early I planned to cut my hair in saloon and did my hair cut properly. After that took bath and had my dinner. And started to sleep around ten O clock.

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