The Deal Coin ICO Reviews #3 – Offering Utility Tokens for Contributors

3년 전

Previously, you have learnt about the details of The Deal Coin lending platform including the roadmap of the project and who are the team members that manage and handle the project. For its development, the company is raising funds through DLSD token sale where contributors can take part.

DLSD Token Details

The Deal Coin is called DLSD. One DLSD costs 0.10 USD. There are some cryptocurrencies accepted for the payment methods such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. In addition, fiat currencies are also accepted. There will be 1 billion DLSD tokens created. DLSD is produced based on ERC827 standard. You may not be familiar with the standard yet. It is actually the newest standard. It is not much different from ERC20 token because it is just the improved version. So, it is compatible with ERC20.

The Token Allocation

Among the total supply of the tokens, 65% of them are allocated for the sales. The rest of them are allocated to founders, development team, advisors, and bounty. So here not all tokens are allocated for any contributors. The team of the project is also allowed to purchase the tokens although with a smaller portion than the ones offered to the public. Later, all of the token holders can utilize the tokens for any transactions in the platform.

Token Fund Allocation

35% of the fund raised from the token sale will be used for developing the platform. 25% of it is for the operational costs. The company has high operation cost because dealing with jurisdictions is never cheap. Legal compliance also needs some amounts of money. It will take 20% of the total fund. Meanwhile, the rest of the fund (20%) will be used for marketing. By knowing the allocation of the fund, you will know where your money goes.

The Sale Timeline

There are two types of token sale: Presale and public sale. The DLSD presale falls into three stages. The difference among the three stages is on the bonus that is offered. The presale has already started on 29 March 2018. It will end on 26 April 2018. As mentioned earlier this sale period is divided into three. The presale week 1 was from 29 March – 5 April with a bonus of 20% of the total purchase. The presale week 2 started from 6 - 19 April with 15% bonus. Meanwhile the presale week 3 started from 20 to 26 April 2018 with 10% bonus.

The public sale will start soon after the presale finishes. It will start on 27 April 2018 and will last for eight weeks. The soft cap for the sale is set to be 5 million USD while the hard cap is set to be 15 million USD.

If you want to make a contribution to the sale, you can register directly via the website. It should be noted that the token sales are not aimed for investment purposes. Contributors have a high risk to purchase the tokens. If you plan to participate in the sale, you have to consider the risk.



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