The Diary Game | 04.09.2020 | Spending happy time at home!

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How are you all i hope you are very well today i will tell you how i spent all day today so let's get started first i wake up in the morning.

a little like every day i keep the routine the same in the morning but i don't want to bother you every day You know, and if you are new,

let me tell you that when I get up in the morning, I drink lemonade to lose weight, then I exercise for a little 30 minutes or an hour, it is very good for our body, that's why I exercise.

I didn't exercise and I exercise a little to lose weight so I spent all day at home today I didn't have any office today because I didn't have to go so I hope you understand that it's.

actually fun to spend time at home but a lot different but every day I used to go out for office or other work but I didn't have to go out today.

but at the end of the day I have to go out again. I hope you will post in full and stay with me.



Like I was telling you that I spent all day sitting at home but I had to go out at the end of the day because you heard my friend right away.

My friend suddenly called me later in the evening when the night was over and asked me to meet him. Starbucks will give me a treat.

I'm glad to hear that I've been sitting at home all day today. If I could spend a little time out at night, I'd be a little better off.

That's why I got his phone call and left immediately. I told my mother with great difficulty that I would return home very early because my mother would not let me out.

because my mother thought I would do it too late at night because I came home late most of the time so I persuaded my mother with great difficulty.

then now I Going to my friend and going there, we had a lot of fun at Starbucks. You'll see the picture. I'm sharing one of the best moments of the day. I hope you like it.

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