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Hello everyone !!!

I'm Dasuni Ayashmi from Sri Lanka.I'm introduced you my earlier post.😊

Achievement 1:My introduction Post to steemit — Steemit

This is my first my diary experience. So i excited.😫

August 1st |2020|SATURDAY
My Day 01

Dear Diary ,

Today 1st August.I waked up at 7.00 am.I had morning tea made by my aunty.I called her "Chuti Nanda".She made tea very delicious.Later i cheaked my phone and chat with my friends.They are @randulakoralage and @anusha96 ❤️.The helped me to create my 1st post and how to publish in steemit.they explained me very well.Again thank you my friends.

Later,I ent to take a shower & washed my clothes.Then I had my breakfast at 10.30 am.In these day I have lots of work to do.Because my mother got her holiday.She always called me to doing something.

I went to kitchen and helped to my mother prepare meals for our lunch.i done something.such as cut Mukuwanna green leaves and peal the small onions.after finished our lunch and i cleaned the kitchen tools and swept kitchen.

And i went my home garden and i sow Dragonfruit.I cut dragonfruit.


Then I had my launch.I ate rice and curry for my lunch.Then my aunty made delicious sweets.It's called " Aluwa".It's very delicious.Yummy


Later i went my uncle's home.that house near by my home.i spent with my sister's sons.Actually they are very cute babies.they called me to play with them.
This is little baby.He my snowball❤️🐰


After i went my home.i take shower.then i plucked flower and worship Lord Buddha.then i helped to mother prepare meal.and i had dinner while watching my weekend reality programe at 7.30 pm.i ate rice ,fish curry and Coconut sambole.its very delicious.I like spice food.after i gave some meals our dogs.

Later i ate very delicious with suger or honey.yummy


After i came to my room to sweep.then brushed my teeth. And try to make diary game post.No worries .Now i publish it.

Have a nice weekend.

This is Me

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I welcome you and congratulate you on publishing your maiden diary post. As I can read you had an eventful day.

The sliced dragon fruit is just an amazing beauty of Nature. It has lot of nutrients too.

Have a great day.

Steem on.


Thank you very much @sapwood.yes this fruit is wonderful beauty of nature mother.very delicious

Nice diary... I like the look of the dragon fruit. That must taste delicious.


yes.its very delicious.thank you very much @arnel

Welcome to steemit and keep it up...
You have made a good diary game..


Thank you very much @sardar-sani😊

Wow! Weldone with the first post Dasuni.. Keep writing regularly.


❤️Thank you so much @randulakoralage for supporting me.My first diary post successfully completed by your motivation ideas.

Hi @dasuni.ayashmi

Nice diary post.❤️
Your dragon fruit was made me mouthwatering. 🤤
Best regards!


Thank you @anusha96❤️ .l'll give next dragon fruit for you😊

Was a nice read ! keep it up


Thank you so much @besticofinder🤗👍

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