Day 4: A Campfire Chat About the Police | The Diary Game 06/02/20


This is going to sound a bit bizarre. But when Police have no natural predators, they tend to take all the control they can get. Especially here in Colombia where they are basically just gang members that protect the government.

Sorry to break it to you, but Barney Fife doesn't exist out in the real world.

Dear Diary - Why Do I Resent the Police so Much?

It's not that I lead a criminal lifestyle - unless you look at the fact that everything is basically illegal. Even owning a house is illegal if you don't pay your government bribes - I mean Taxes, on it. Which tends to twist smart brains like mine.

I will never forget the years between the age of 14 and 16, when I had my first real cop encounters. I grew up with a cop in the "good" Southern Baptist Church we always went to. He threatened to bust me with glee for staying out too late and cruising the strip, but would bring delinquents to church thinking he was going to "fix" them. This was in Reno, Nevada where I grew up.

Ahhh, Reno 911. The popular TV show makes them look like a bunch of idiots, but that couldn't have been farther from the truth. Reno cops are hard boiled veterans from California who know all about how to deal with anyone who looks at them wrong.

Anyways - that one cop had a hard-on for me all the way up through high school. His little delinquent "fixer upper" could do no wrong, but when I dated the worst kid at my school, he was right there telling me to reconsider. And that was my first lesson in resentment, and disrespect for the government Order Followers.

Now, I am not gonna lie. I have always been a baaaaad girl. At 14 I was arrested for violating curfew with the previously mentioned bad kid I dated. They gave me some crazy amount of community service which I did out at the rural animal refuge by where I lived. That was actually pretty cool. Would have loved to have gotten an actual job there, but I digress.

I'll never forget the adrenaline of being at a high school pit party (kids having fires and drinking at gravel pits - desert thing), and then having the cops show up. That was my first police chase. Me and my friend got lost out in the desert in her little hatchback honda, and the whole party passed us by. It was incredible - police helicopters, 4x4's. The only "delinquent" they actually caught was one of the Mormon kids who wasn't even drinking.

And of course, I discovered Cannabis - one of my life long loves. 20 years later I still cherish that first buzz of the day before I sit and start writing. (Come to think of it, I totally forgot to grab a little vape hit before writing this. I am such a half-ass addict.) Weird. So by the time I moved to Oklahoma, I was already pretty "street."

It was in Oklahoma that I learned about government corruption while serving jury duty. What I saw in that "court of law" freaked me out so much that I packed and moved out of state within a week. It was a kangaroo court that was looking to put the wrong people away for such long sentences and it didn't even matter to them if the person was innocent or not.

I was arrested a second time in Missouri. Problem is, we were stopped with no real premise and then searched with no warrant. That is when I began to really pay attention to information about how to speak to the Order Followers (Police). There was something very deeply flawed with the American justice system.

Only a few years after my last arrest I finally threw in the towel. I had moved AGAIN, to another small town - only to discover that the chief of police was the biggest meth dealer in an area that has been deeply affected by this horrible drug. Makes my little cannabis habit look lame and stupid in comparison.

Finally, one day as I was eating magic mushrooms, I had a tremendous revelation. The US wasn't going to get any better. I still hadn't found a job or career I was passionate about, and each year was leaving me more broke and stripped of opportunities.

So I sold everything and moved to Brazil, which is a story for another day. I will mention that I was raped by an off-duty POLICE officer during my time there. Cops have not been good to me in this lifetime.

Why are police so dirty and evil everywhere I go?

I have come to the point in my life where I would rather live in a mafia hotspot where the police have natural predators and reasons to be very respectful towards the civvies, than a nice safe city where they have no resistance. I currently live in that nice safe city of Colombia, and each month the lockdown becomes harder, and there are more fines being added for not complying. That is crap. It's extortion, but try explaining that to "good" people who live in the nice neighborhoods where the police leave them alone.

Maybe tomorrow I will finally write about something "normal." But now you all know my criminal background. I'm so hard out! I might teach your kids how to not get arrested for being in the streets, or explain to people how to protect their rights during encounters. Be very afraid!

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