The Diary Game- 06/19/2020

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Good day my Steem friends....

After a week I am posting my #thediarygame, reason being I was suffering from cold fever from the last couple of days. Still not recovered completely, however feeling relatively better.

I am feeling very weak right now and mentally also not feeling energized. I am already behind the schedule in every front.

I will not post something that I generally used to do in my #thediarygame, rather I want to motivate myself through this post, so I will write something different.

Three things I would say today- socioeconomic front, communities, and geographic location. I think these three things evolve the human society as a whole and the individuals also prosper through these three domains. But all the three have to come together to make the evolution complete and effective for generations.

It does not matter if you live in an urban area or rural area, but if your socioeconomic status is fulfilling for you, then you are okay and evolution is doing good.

We are closely associated with the environment we live in. Whether you aware of this or not, does not matter, as the environment is going to affect both your physical and mental health. But if you are aware you can optimize from a position when you realize the source of the effect.

The diseases, the immune system, genetics are all correlated. But this also strengthens by the environment we live in. The environment supports you in many ways, it impacts the way you beat the genetic odds, diseases. So our lifestyles should always be compatible with nature. But this can be made effective by the humans if they try to fill the gap that exists between human society and the environment they live in. For instance, if you know what environmental and socioeconomic factors are affecting you, you will be able to overcome the odds.

Urban areas too can be made compatible but it should not conflict with or at the cost of the environment. Most of the places there is a disparity, that is true, so better we recognize it. Technology is a way to make things easier for humans, but that does not translate to exploiting nature. Therefore there are many things where we need to figure out and identify the disparities and set the things in order from disorder.


We can also expand our lifespan if we really bridge the gap with the environments. I am not saying we should all live in rural areas for that, no, in urban areas also that can be possible. But the lifestyles should never be at the cost of the environment. If you do so, in a longer span you are passively inviting the consequences.

So what I feel is that individuals must be responsible first, then that should also translate to the responsibility of the society and the community. No matter which geography you live in, but it is the collaborated effort of all the human beings living on earth. So let's pledge today to lower gap of our lifestyles with the environment, this way we can get rid of stress, diseases, genetic odds, etc. Mental well being shall be on your way as a bonus.

Thank you, see you tomorrow.

Steem on.

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