The Diary Game- 06/21/2020

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Good day my Steem Friends. Here is my #thediarygame

Today is Sunday, as usual, I stick with the routine schedule, however as today is Sunday, I also did some extra tasks like cleaning my bathroom, WC, etc. Today also it is raining heavily and I feel like this year it is showering heavily in comparison to previous years.

Anyway, I will not go by any pics, image today what I did, rather I will share my nostalgic and philosophical thoughts today.

I think if your profession is in accordance with your self-character, then it elevates not only you, but also the society you live in and the Nation and ultimately the whole world. The wealth generated this way would prove most auspicious for that person and the next generations too.

The other type of profession is you engaged in some sort of duty to lead your life. You may have to work under someone for your livelihood.

The third category of profession is "servant". However, as we evolve into the modern world, this "servant" term got more organized and re-branded as an employee.

The first category is good & auspicious. Livelihood is moderate. The servant is inadequate.

In the "Servant" category, one has to take orders or permission to get leisure and rest. So it is said that it is subject to subjugated dreams, happiness is not there. A perpetually pervasive destructive self destroys a person's self-consciousness.

In today's reality, Capitalism has transgressed the boundaries of the nation. Hence the indentures are based on the expansion and profit of the company rather than being nation-based. National interest and human interest are disappearing and company interest predominates every other interest.


People in today's realities are going mad after money, paycheck. But what if a livelihood objective does not let your children, wife get their due opportunities? I would consider such a livelihood meaningless. If for the sake of livelihood, it is breaking the life cycles of the social opportunities of your near and dear ones, what is the use of it?

The technological evolution has let the human race reached the summit to manifest a materialistic world. The scientific base of resources made the earth finite and polluted. But today it is felt that progress is also tired and fall also happens in this domain.

The speed with which nature is changing is unprecedented. Nature is whispering that there is only poison in your method experiment. The unprecedented change is really forcing our scientific and technical thinking to retrospect. But it will not happen, because Man's nature sits on the high point of his forehead.

Thank you, See you tomorrow.

Steem on.

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