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A dream, my dear Juan Pablo.

It is true that we live reality is that many times we are conditioned, a place to be, share with some people, or extreme situations such as those that are currently changing the existence to all. But although there are conditions, must be in each of us the decision to transform dreams into reality.

Somehow every achievement of the past began as a dream for us, each one from his world visualized a life, a title, a place, and even a family; some of these things were possible others but we never stopped, and that is the example we must give to people who are starting to forge the achievement of their dreams. Personally I feel happy, complete of having achieved unimaginable achievements from the professional point of view, now when I have some certification or publication in a scientific magazine, I think about that girl who started reading "The Little Prince" or those love novels of Flores en el Ático, she smiled because I recognize myself dreaming sometime.

In my case, as in the lives of many people, transforming dreams into reality is a fantastic process, of knowing oneself, of being constant and unique; and although we should not stop dreaming, the world is giving us a menu to order each achievement, let's be calm to enjoy each moment, think that after leaving this transformation in the universe, we will be guides for the little ones, we will tell them stories of how we achieved our dreams and we will promote theirs with a voice of encouragement and as much support as possible that we are willing to do so.

Touch the future generation, transform dreams into reality, I hope they have moonlight, rainbow colors, roses to admire, that they have the sea to be free, the wind to sing, because those are the important things that help to reach the other dreams we have while life gives us a chance.

Thank you for reading.


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Congratulations, friend. Juan Pablo looks like a beautiful boy.


Thank you very much dear friend.
A Kiss

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Gracias :)

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Muchas gracias. Un gran abrazo

Con el apoyo de la familia.

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Felicidades tía y a Juan Pablo. Dios bendiga a ese hermoso bebe con salud y vida.Un abrazo.

Dios te bendiga Juan Pablo. Felicitaciones para tu linda familia.
Un abrazo,