please, be a "Focal Point of Light" in these dark times.

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A simple fallen leaf, a
"Focal point of light".
It shines with clarity amidst a
Darker surrounding.
Is this not a metaphor?
Can you see the simile?
One does not have to be a
Saint or celebrity to
Shine forth in the darkness.
One doesn’t need
Fancy clothes or houses or cars.
One only needs to BE the light, to
Shine on as you do what is right.
Doing a small thing might not make much difference
To the world at large, but…
It will most definitely make
A difference for the one person for whom you did the
One small thing.
Small things add up, they become
Large things.
Drops of rain become streams, then
Rivers, then oceans.
Never forget the importance
Of that one,
Simple fallen leaf, a
Focal Point of Light

“A Focal Point of Light”

Jerry E Smith

Oliver Hihn-edited

These .gifs were created for me by @coquiunlimited; many thanks


This .gif was created by @elgeko

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Saludos amigo. Las pequeñas cosas, muchas veces son las que más importan. Abrazos.


Hola a todos @antoniarhuiz,
Las pequeñas cosas son casi siempre el más importante
Gracias por el comentario