Come Back Home...

10개월 전

The last time I saw you, you asked..
"Did our muse find a new path to fly,
Did time come and go,
without leaving us a proper goodbye..?"

And then you were gone...


For Calluna


I yearned to write a line or two,
I certainly did not look to write a letter..
But knowing myself, and then knowing you,
I knew neither would be special enough for an Alpha...

So instead I wrote these words,
Borne out of those last ones of yours..
Words from a heart your own,
Words to bid you come back home...

Oh, can a rose hide her colour..
Can her petals, ever be hard..
Can poetry, with such refreshing candour..
Ever go.. ever fade.. never last...?

With you, there was no goodbye,
Cause ours is immortal,
This star, it doesn't die...

Written for @theinkwell's poetry challenge.

Dedicated to @calluna..
Words from a heart your own,
Words to bid you come back home...

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Next time better to post it directly in theinkwell community so they don't miss it. :)



Thanks man! Noted.
I actually think I did, on hive. Not too sure how the community thing works on hive yet though..
And i've been on a little hiatus as well.

Thanks again!


When you find and enter the community there's an option for New Post. That way it will be posted directly in the community and you can re-share it to your blog after that. :)
Great to see you back!