The Magic Story #5 Day 10

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Once upon a time...

Long ago, in a kingdom far away, lived a jester named Kyle who is tired of well... being a jester. As such he took his adventurer father's old and rusty sword—and embark on a journey—determined to become a famous adventurer.
(by @riovanes)

But making his name known across the land is not easy. Therefore he needed to feat that would amaze everyone who would hear it. "A group of goblins are causing trouble in a certain village? Sounds like a job for a hero like me!" Kyle declared and...
(by @yuki-nee)

...took the said goblin extermination quest. Tap! "I'll be taking this quest," Kyle said as he presented the request form to the guild receptionist. "Goblin extermination quest is it? Please wait a moment," the receptionist then stamped the form.
(by @riovanes)

Kyle traveled to the village for half a day. Upon arrival the first thing he did was asked for information about the goblins. The village chief told him that the goblins often appear at night to raid their storehouse and steal chickens.
(by @chadrona)

Having gotten all the information he needed, Kyle started making plans. First he needed to make traps. Fortunately, being a former jester he had the honor of meeting people in all sort of life, including trappers and hunters. As such it's time to...
(by @riovanes)

...find the weak spot of the local goblins (this being the first secret rule of goblin hunting). In order to find it, he needed to spy on them. Yes, patience was required.
(by @science.fiction)

But patience is no friend of a hungry goblin, so He had to act fast. Jesters were accustomed to wearing costumes, so he found one of a chicken & a place in the coop where the goblins would go. He could not afford to be chicken now, or could he?
(by @thevitalsource)

After thinking about it for a minute he decided that disguising as a chicken was the best way to infiltrate the goblins' lair. Kyle hid on the corner of the coop and waited for the night to fall down. He almost fell asleep when something grabbed him.
(by @eddiespino)

Being jolted awake and alert again, he looked up at the arms that held him and what he saw looking down amazed him, amused him and alerted him with a fear he had never known before. If only it was just a goblin holding him, but he saw the eyes of a
(by @thevitalsource)

To be continued!

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shadow of the Colonel dressed up like a goblin. He looked down and said: "I was hoping to capture some goblins, but I never saw anything like this! This must be a joke." And the jester replied: "Well I am a jester. Lets work together. I have an idea.