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Themarkymark is serious about STEEM.
He either bought into it or is a preminer whom secretly transferred his STEEM, via an exchange account, from one of the secretive and private preminer accounts, to his more public account.
He is the most responsive witness that I encountered.
He obviously benefits out of STEEM:
Author rewards, curation rewards, comment_benefactor_rewards (from steemflagrewards, a group he uses to comment farm while downvoting others) and producer rewards from his hustle as a witness.
I also noticed 2 more sources to his STEEM fortune:

  1. bidding against his customers during the early days of buildawhale, and possibly later too, and possibly in upmyvote too.
  2. A surprise (without a warning) unilateral retroactive confiscation of people's money in buildawhale, once he deemed their content as low quality.

I believe that his financial benefits off STEEM surpass what is recorded on the blockchain, because he is so serious, dedicated, versatile in his STEEM activity, and because he had quite a fortune to begin with in order to put it into STEEM and to finance his not so successful campaign as a witness.
To run witness nodes as his, costs Federal Reserve dollars, and these dollars he mostly gets from resources other than selling his STEEM and SBDs.
The question that rises is: what pays for his living costs and STEEM witnessing costs?
Social security does not pay enough for his level of STEEM activity.
He seems to treat STEEM as a job, so it may be a job for him, and he is paid by some entity.
He may be some entrepreneur whom earns "passive income" from some businesses, and whom can allow himself to treat his STEEM hobby so serious, that it became his "nine to five" job, with added extra hours.
Did he ever elaborate about his businesses?
AFAIK, he did not.
Keeps his businesses private.
Why so? And what pays for his activity?
Why not ipromote those businesses, since he can?

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He’s a well known actor.. haven’t you seen firefly? I thought that how he got his money was pretty clear... actors make a ton of money....


They make far more if their series aren't cut short far too early


Me doing my witnessing duties on social security

enjoy some !popcorn


OMG I got the best laugh of many days from this! Thanks Mark!

This user is on the @buildawhale blacklist for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Spam
  • Plagiarism
  • Scam or Fraud

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one of the best videos on Steemit

Is this asshole @ngc with them?

He either bought into it or is a preminer

He is bid bot owner.

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Secretive and Private "premine" accounts

Secretively clandestine private pre-pre-mine accounts.

#Innocent-Perpetrator @stimialiti

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Sure, in any case is a very interesting user, he is in the Top30 witness without be voted by freedom.

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!popcorn is his business!


Enjoy your !popcorn


@themarkymark is just scammer, spammer and destroyer of the platformwith his shit numerous bots. Burn in hell, the creature!

FUCK @buildawhale and his fucking owner - @themarkymark clown! It's just a commercial bot that sells upvotes and destroys the reward system and the idea of a decentralized platform! Who cares about the black list of some fucking commercial bot? Furthermore - blacklist on a decentralized platform? Are you a fucking joking? Are you out of your mind? You think that you are gods and can create stupid rules? NO! You are just fucking idiots and cancer of steemit!!!
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@themarkymark clown is revenging others for the truth with downvotes (Using investor SP). Just a pitiful nothingness ))