Introducing Hammurabi's first class of users

4년 전

The Mesopotamians is a project to use ongoing support and gamification to encourage account growth and build a class of community-minded minnows and eventually dolphins. This project is run by @tcpolymath.

The Mesopotamians is an outgoing support initiative, not a vote-trading scheme. Support from our members is appreciated but not in any way required.

@m-hammurabi is the third level of the initiative, and uses its vote with a goal to grow users from 1100 to 1800 SP. The first level is running at @doctorworm and @particleman, the second level at @m-sargon, and a full project overview can be found at @themesopotamians.

With users from the second level progressing, and the need for a third level to support them soon, I'm launching Hammurabi with a group of users who are some of Steemit's most-community-minded small minnows:

@bengy is a leader of the classical music community on Steem, including operating the @classical-radio curation account. We already have a lot of songwriters in the program, so it's nice to expand a little bit into the classical side of things.

@dropahead is a curation initiative focused on finding undervalued content on Steem, and particularly on boosting posts that have a lot of small votes but haven't been found by the larger voters.

@eaglespirit is one of those users you'll find all over everywhere. I mainly know her from Helpie, but she's a member of many other Steem communities as well.

@llfarms is a passionate curator who is one of the founders of @c-squared, as well as working with Curie and Helpie. She's constantly working to make sure that the best content on Steem gets rewarded.

@mazzle is another user I see all over the place participating and helping users new and old. He's done a lot of smaller projects, rather than one definitive one yet, but I have the feeling he'll hit on the right thing pretty soon.

@pechichemena is the man behind Cover-a-Steemian, a project to connect Steem songwriters with musicians who want to cover their songs. He's also a key part of Helpie, Eco-Pelican, and Make-a-Minnow.

@torico is another user I know from Helpie, who provides a unique perspective that I hope will be very valuable to the project.

This account will launch its voting program on Saturday.


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Thanks for your support and for making us part of this great meta project! Congrats to all the hammurabians as well!

Very exciting! I'm really close now and will likely power up enough to get there once I figure out what I need for @minnowbuilder accounts.

  ·  4년 전

Congrats Hammurabians and thanks for giving the particles some great examples to aspire to!!!

Awesome 😎
Love to see the growth and love the fact people are growing many different areas of Steem.

woohoo!! thank you so much, i never told you i curate and mad dash it to baby plankton accounts to upvote. I’m everywhere supporting many who wish to stay and having a hard time to. engagement and encouragement is key. i’ll be hosting a podcast soon to encourge those who are having a tough time on steemit.
thank you so much for the invite and i cant wait to be a part of this project.
eagle spirit

Some very familiar names here! Thanks for the support and for building this project to assist those who are trying to help others!

Grats guys!! Great picks @themesopotamians !! Some of my favorite people

i know some of those names and they are AWESOME people <3 so stoked to see hammurabians <3 <3 <3

Congratulations everyone who made it and joined The Mesopotomians. We have a great community of people in this place :).

That's a nice selection of well-respected names. The ziggurat grows!

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