Sargon's Unified Stats Post, Week 13

2년 전

The Mesopotamians is a project to use ongoing support and gamification to encourage account growth and build a class of community-minded minnows and eventually dolphins. This project is run by @tcpolymath.

@m-sargon supports users at Level 2, to grow their accounts to 1100 SP. It currently supports these users:

Native SP Chart


Votes Chart


Things going well apart from the whole blockchain breaking. Little things. Elsie's moving so fast she's going to be in need of another level project by the time she finishes this one. Spider finished hers and will be moving up once she gets to 1100, and Horse will be posting his this week. We got two new users up from level one as well.

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Welcome to @scrawly and @insideoutlet. Congratulations on the project, @veryspider and @scrawly! Hope it takes off. I've seen a few resteems going around.

The Blockchain setback certainly hasn't helped moral. I notice Steem price has dipped again; possibly a response.

I know what @bashadow means about slow growth. It's frustrating that you can't help others much with upvotes with the value of Steem so low. I've recently been helping out with @hitmeasap's force feed a minnow project and am torn between powering up as much as possible to grow and be able to help more and having a little Steem available to help with a minnow powerup each Monday.

Oh well, we just do what we can and keep plodding along.

Everyone is moving along nicely! Been a hectic summer for me and have been cramming hours before things start to slow down for the winter. It has already begun this week with two days off, but I still meed money. (Went a little crazy with investing).

I seem to have missed the whole blockchain breaking part though.

I feel like I am moving a little slow in the growth department, but I am still growing. Need to work on getting more votes out there, but despite my SP growth, the vote power is still pretty dismal with the price of steem. But that is okay, I am still getting some votes out without putting myself in the hole to much, and the minor/semi-major glitch today did help the power get back up some.

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