Particle Man's Curation particles, September 19

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This is a weekly feature of some of the work @themesopotamians project has supported on Steem through the @particleman account. The Mesopotamians provides ongoing support to certain selected users in hopes of building a cooperative and growing middle class on Steem.

@eoj brings us back to the street art theme from a few weeks ago with a selection of photos form his trip to Nepal. I don't care what Joe says, I enjoy the dude who's basically a kettle bell with a tiny face.

@fromage tells us why he doesn't like playing early-access games. My only counterargument to this is the existence of Minecraft, which they pretty much sucked all of the fun out of before it got to release.

@asapers celebrated their 100th issue, and hopefully are Steming towards their next milestone.

@marissalingen's semimonthly book post got some attention from Curie and Steempress, and she's getting some comment interaction. I've been editing these for long enough now that I kind of take them for granted, and it's nice to see someone I'm trying to recruit into a larger presence here get some positive attention for what she does.

Speaking of that, @markgritter continues to post on advanced programming topics. I was there for the Chinese Poker problem, helped to set up the hypotheses, so I almost understand what he's talking about in this post.

@see-it-feel-it's MySTEEM Angels project is open for voting, and the nominees list should be a very good way to find some new interesting people posting to Steem. Several of our members are nominated as well!

@tryskele wrote about depression, suicidal ideation, and the deeply terrible way that other people tend to react to them. I always want to have the perfect thing to say, and sometimes I need a post like this to remind me that it's important just to say something way better than those people. And that I can generally manage. Stuff worth listening to here.

On a lighter note, @the.foodini is continuing his food challenge by showing us what he could eat for 5 Steem in Thailand. If I could get a leg of octopus for fifty cents I'd probably never eat anything else. And then I'd die of mercury poisoning. Maybe this wasn't such a lighter note after all.

Good work, everyone. Keep it up!

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  ·  4년 전

Thanks for the highlight @particleman and great work everyone! @the.foodini, are you based in Bangkok!??! If so, let's me up, @suitcasemama and I are here! @waybeyondpadthai too! :)

@particleman thank you for the mention about STEEMeat Challenge!
The arm was awesome and so fresh that there is no way to get poisoned, even with large amount. 😉

@eoj I'm in Krabi and this time I don't plan to visit Bangkok. Maybe I will drop in at the beginning of the year. 😉

  ·  4년 전

ah, okay, enjoy Krabi! Are you in Railay? Some friends just got back from there and had a great time. Let us know when you swing through Bangkok, would be great to meet up over some tasty food!

Good going everyone!! And thank you @particleman for the continued support :)

Minecraft is like my prime example, heh. I had fun with it, but there's so much more in it now that I will never experience because I'm bored with the game.

Thank you for the feature this week @particleman!!