Particle Man's user stats, week 9

4년 전

@particleman is part of an account-level curation and growth initiative being built by @tcpolymath. The main account for the system as a whole is @themesopotamians and you can find a full project overview there. This is an outgoing support initiative, not a vote-trading scheme. Support from our users is appreciated but not expected.

Particle Man is currently supporting these users:

Native SP Chart


Votes Chart


A few pretty big powerups in there this week, and I know there are some level-up projects happening. We're still a little lower than I'd like in voting power, but that's going to completely stop being a problem when some of those level-ups happen. One Elsie finishes hers we'll be back to too much power again.

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Whoa some of these growth are insane! Awesome job, everyone. Though on the other hand, there are also some people who seem to stop posting. I hope they will come back again to Steemit with increased activity.
The people who have passed 500 SP, are they graduating to a higher level?


Yes, Elise and Cob are working on their level-up projects, and Insideoutlet and Reazul are working on one together, I think. Not sure if Lilly and Lynn have plans. When they're done with their projects they'll move up to @m-sargon.

Tim's the only poster who's inactive without me knowing why. I might poke him elsewhere if he hasn't posted by the time I get home at the end of next week.

I can see we have a few people crossing over by the end of the coming week! Great Job Everyone! It's so great to be a part of such a hardworking team <3

  ·  4년 전

Go @insideoutlet and @lillywilton, almost there!!! Thanks to @tcpolymath for compiling the info, I love seeing everyone's progress!

Thanks @particleman! I'm so close to 500 I can almost taste it :)

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Wow, great work everyone. I love seeing the growth, it warms my heart 😁

  ·  4년 전

Thank you for the support!